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London takes a page from the movies - Variety

London takes a page from the movies
Variety - 22 hours ago
The job is to bring the playscript to life. The play is an homage to the film, yes, but not a replica." The two of them recognize that were they working on ...
New blood of the Big Astana -

New blood of the Big Astana, Philippines - Aug 24, 2007
They would criticize each other’s works and would whine about current movies. Through the numerous chances to work on the cinematography of his friends’ ...
Coming reel soon - Ottawa Citizen

Coming reel soon
Ottawa Citizen,  Canada - 10 hours ago
Autumn is traditionally a time when the adult movies come out of hiding, when the Oscar contenders hit the big screen (launched, in many cases, ...
Josh Hartnett Interview - UGO

Columbus Dispatch

Josh Hartnett Interview
UGO, NY - Aug 24, 2007
You know what's funny, is that the roles that seem toughest on paper are actually the easiest to play. You know why? Because it's all there for you: the ups ...
ON THE BIG SCREEN Waterloo Record
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Movies on TV - Dallas Morning News (subscription)

Movies on TV
Dallas Morning News (subscription), TX - Aug 24, 2007
A lawman will stop at nothing to bring a killer to justice. (CC) (105 min.) (TCM: Sun 5:15 pm) THE LAWLESS NINETIES * (1936) John Wayne, Ann Rutherford. ...
Antigua May Be Allowed To Violate US Copyrights - Slashdot

Antigua May Be Allowed To Violate US Copyrights
Slashdot - Aug 23, 2007
You want music/movies/files, you got them, on demand, piped through a broadband connection. It's like a geeky vacation spot, with uber-souvenirs. by ...
Playing around: Troupes romp from farce to giddy musicals -

Playing around: Troupes romp from farce to giddy musicals, FL - Aug 23, 2007
The wonderfully restored historic venue keeps the box office humming with a mix of movies, music, community events and a small but choice selection of ...
The Macalope: An Apple blog - CNET Blogs

The Macalope: An Apple blog
CNET Blogs, CA - Aug 22, 2007
Sure, they'd prefer not to have it, but their primary motivations are convenience and making sure their music will play on their iPod. ...
iLife '08—Part 2: iMovie—Flawed Genius - Apple Matters

iLife '08—Part 2: iMovie—Flawed Genius
Apple Matters, MA - Aug 23, 2007
In its current form, genius interface and all, it is best used for making clips, not movies. That is echoed by the YouTube export option, which Apple and ...
The High Watermark with Tom Marshall and Trey Anastasio – Part II -

The High Watermark with Tom Marshall and Trey Anastasio – Part II, NY - Aug 24, 2007
Anytime he had a gig, we’d all play together. That was cool. We wrote a couple of songs together but we didn’t finish them. I did the last gig with Noel in ...
Linkin Park - Bleed It Out

Linkin Park - Bleed It Out. This song from the album "Minutes To Midnight".

Lyrics :

Yeah, here we go for the hundredth time
Hand grenade pins in every line
Throw 'em up and let something shine
Going out of my fucking mind

Filthy mouth, no excuse
Find a new place to hang this noose
String me up from atop these roofs
Knot it tight so I won't get loose

Truth is you can stop and stare...

Toca Race Driver 3 Gameplay

Egy kis ízelítő a TRD 3-ből!

Zene: Undisputed II Last Man Standing - Nathaniel Dawkins - Bring It On

Video: Fraps

The Weight (feat. Davidaorta) (DJ 07VERTIGO)

straight through the gates, clean the slates and we're born in
the heavenly spirit is the light in the morning
the soaring storm will bring in the corn and bring in reforms ring the alarm
and throw on a white suit with a white tie
pull on some white boots and a white knife pull out the masks of presidents past:
they ain't asking, we ain't facists: we taking it back.
what the fuck you think...

AAHRMIE gourmet student summit

heritage family recipe competition. the cooking started, some of the contestants was not able to bring tables with them that's why they have to cook on the stage floor. and it really is hot out, we're lucky to be on the stage.





작사 이민우
작곡 이민우
노래 M(이민우)

(ladies and gents)
(it's da Mr. M)
(with dyna mic flow)
(we steppin' in to)
(hotter tonight)
(wanna see you)
(work ya body)
(work it just like)
(all eyes are looking)
(at you)
(representing M rising)
check 1 2 listen up
이 느낌에 끌려
내 step에
맞춰가는 곳에
고갤 끄덕여
온 몸에 걸친 리듬에

Bring It on BIG BOSS (Daddy Yankee)

lo yea

watch now list - 20070824 - 2542 movies
New York Dolls: All Dolled Up (2005) Next to Nothing (2004) Nice Guys Sleep Alone (2000) Nickelback: Fragile This Side Up (2002) Nigel Clark in Concert: Live from Scotland (2006) Night at the Golden Eagle (2002) Night Fangs (2005) ...
"There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come ...
Very fascinating question, since all of these in some fashion are essential to eventual devolution as is occurring in Scotland-- but how to prioritize? Among these, I'd place high priority of course on a Parliament for Cymru, ...
Nothing says “wedding” quite like a severed pig’s head
While some of us may think they are rushing into this union, I think we can all agree that this is a marriage not only of love and devotion, but also friendship, laughter, music, and community. But as well as a joining of two people, ...
Sony STR-DA5300ES
For example, if you press the HDMI 2 button, and then a little later you want to switch to another input using the GUI, when you hit Menu most likely nothing will happen–because the remote thinks you want to bring up the menu on the ...
Liz Rizzo, Production Assistant
When I'm going to set I always make sure everything I need to put on my body or bring with me is out already when I go to bed. That way, in the worst case scenario of somehow waking up late, I can throw it all on, grab what I need, ...
You’re going to love this…
As far as movies goes, I have 2 – Steel Magnolias (nothing like a good chick flick) & A Christmas Story. I just crack up every time I watch them. For music, well, I listen to just about anything, but I have to say my favorite is jazz. ...
Interview of the Week - August 24th
Also animals in all shapes and forms. There is nothing more wonderful then watching the amazing creatures that make up this world. And then there is of course watching movies, seeing live bands play original music, ...
A Week In Lima Peru with Anything Box
The saving grace of the evening was watching this four piece band play traditional Peruvian music right in front of us. We all loved it and I bought their CD on the spot. I plan on playing some of it on the Listen Show with Steve. ...
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"To Destroy You is No Loss"
Being American intellectuals, the band members themselves wonder about their right to play this music, to appropriate Khmer culture as rank outsiders. They ultimately seem to decide—rightly—that those distinctions are meaningless when ...
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Fic Dump: Milliways fics
Food from the Bar; weapons from Tim or Raven; even the gold bracelet Arithon gave her: all vanished. She could bring her people no food, medicine, nor clean water. Every night she went home to a hot tub and ice cream with a Californian ...
Samsung Digimax i6 6MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom (Black)
You get this at This will allow you to play all the movies you record on this camera in Quicktime, and bring them into iMovie. They will still be AVIs with a Xvid Codac but you will be able to see them. ...
Top 5 Most Ridiculous Movie Plots of ALL TIME
Ahhhh, along with the awesome music videos that displayed innovative filmmaking and great social messages like “Here I go again” and “Nothing but a good time.” This is a decade whose entertainment media I sorely miss. ...
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Music DVD Review: Solitude Aeturnus - Hour of Despair
He is known around the office as the "Movie Guy" and is always ready to talk about his favorite form of entertainment and offer up recommendations. Interests include science fiction, horror, and metal music. His writings can be found at ...
help along the way
I’ve been watching a series on CNN called God’s Warriors, and there was one man in the Jewish episode that said his religion was classical music. I agree. Bach, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Saint-Saens, and Sowerby all give better sermons than ...
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