Char De Pepito Mugen

SH Mugen-Guile: #3 Pepito By Quetzalcoatl_88

Hey Hey Folks,
This Times Its: Guile(Me) Vs Pepito

Pepito By Quetzalcoatl_88
This Guy Is an Original Char - A Very Good One Too, He Has Agressive AI And A 70 Hit Super.
The Only Way I Manage To Beat Him Is Constant Supers & Specials.
Pepito Can Be Found On The Website Above.

homer mugen char
¡Es hora para el fósforo del resentimiento de Homer contra Pepito! ¡Espero que cada uno goce de esta lucha emocionante! ¡Ariba ariba ariba andale y etc! ...yes, Babelfish for teh lose D:LinkGR Mugen.