Cyberbit Mugen

Mustkillroy MUGEN-Mania 55: Team Crowbar vs Team Tentacles

Predator Hunter and Diablo team up to face Shuma Gorath and Mars People!

I play as Predator Hunter. Diablo is AI-controlled.

IT'S MARS PEOPLE AGAIN! But this time, he's brought a friend, Shuma Gorath. This Shuma is made by Qkrtkf!, who has the weirdest name ever. Anyway, looking through his .CMD file, it looks like the creator seriously effed up his AI. Take a look and you'll see what...

Team Groening vs. Diablo

Homer and Leela against one of my newest downloads, Diablo from Primal Rage, though the T-Rex is no match for the two of them.

You can get Homer from here.

Leela from here

and Diablo from here

Mustkillroy MUGEN-Mania 36: Diablo vs Dio

Diablo makes his debut as a member of Team Crowbar, facing Dio!

I can't get some of Diablo's supers to work during matches, which is probably my fault.

Where to get the stuff:
Diablo by Lord_Sinistro:
Dio by Warusaki3:
Stage: Reaper's Sanctum: Offline. PM me for it.
BGM: Gradius...

Mustkillroy MUGEN Initiation 6: Diablo

Diablo finally joins Team Crowbar! But to do so, he has to face off against another dinosaur, the might Rapterrometh!

Rapterrometh is made by Adham Hussain. His sprite work was done in 3-D and is completely custom made. He has several moves similar to Kung Fu Man. His attacks do a lot of damage.

If Diablo is successful, he will become Team Crowbar's chef.

Where to get the stuff: ...

PJ Talon-Mugen 56: Master Fei-Long version .95

last update: 7/17/07; one honor:
#96 - Most Discussed (Today) - Gadgets & Games

my three-hundred tenth Mugen video.

Master Fei-Long by Supermystery and SPX.... I'm not even going to finish the sentence. He has so many unblockable attacks, very high juggling capabilities, and invincibility frames coming out of his cheap ass.

It took me almost twenty tries to beat him.

Matches Shown:...

PsychoJolteon's Mugen Roster As of 7/3/07

my two-hundred fifth Mugen Video. Yes, this counts.

I had to do it. I haven't made a roster vid in a while, so it was about time I kept you up to date with what I currently have now. If you see anything you want, PM me (ten characters at a time. Comment here or on my profile, where you'll read the same rules, and you'll get nothing). I got rid of some characters and updated more. I even...

Mustkillroy MUGEN-Mania 4: Diablo vs Godzilla

One of Team Crowbar's potential applicants, Diablo, takes on the legendary Godzilla!

Godzilla is made by Sugila. He has no AI, but he does have some powerful attacks. He can be difficult to fight at close range, due to his tail attack. His red radiation beam takes most of your health. His quick attacking makes some of Diablo's supers hard to land.

Where to get the stuff:
Diablo by...

PsychoJolteon's Mugen Roster As of 7/3/07
... head (You can also refer to the Mugen Infantry's database for links) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. ...
Mustkillroy MUGEN Team Battle 2: Team Way Back When
Where to get the stuff: Tron Bonne by Beximus: Kamek by NeoKamek: Hoppy by Lord_Sinistro: Taffy by Shadowtak is offline. ...
Diablo released and Talon & Vertigo updated by Lord Sinistro
Get them here "". I give you PsychoJolteon's video of Talon vs Diablo instead of screenshots, cause we all know we like videos better.
Chars Diversos
Primal Rage characters: CHOUJIN's Dragonball Z Characters: (My Goku, SSJ Goku, and Perfect Cell characters come from this creator) ...
Team Groening vs. Diablo
Leela from here and Diablo from here. Author: Ashkihyena Keywords: MUGEN Homer Simpson Leela Futurama Diablo Primal Rage Added: August 9, 2007.
JS Homer-MUGEN #38: Diablo
Diablo has flame-based attacks. He can combo you and deal good damage to you. He also has the Flamer mode, where he takes less damage and even less hits. Get Diablo at: ...
PJ Talon-Mugen 48: Sasuke-Kun
my two-hundred seventy-third Mugen video. Special Thanks: LordShade67 for both requesting this match a long time ago and referring me to CamStudio. It works perfectly! I can record up to 50fps! If you just read the last sentence, ...
攻撃はトロイですが、威圧感は超級。 仰け反ると、瞬間移動したりします。 CYBERBIT MUGEN 「Vertigo」という恐竜。 攻撃が結構多彩。空間を移動してのめくりがやっかいかも。 Z-MUGEN 「MECH RUGAL」もD級。 ...
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