Evil Ken Evil Ryu Mugen Download

Deep Mugen Team Challenge #2

Rest of title: Roundhousekickers(characters listed in intro) vs 4 Straider Hiens.

Mugen video number 22.

Chosen Ken by Chosen01 is available at

Ryu is still available.

Tetsu seems no longer beeing available to download. Please request.

Get the newest Version of Reiko here:
(I love it. :3)

Neo Fighters Team Battle: Team JinRyu (ErsellJR) Twice!

Match 1
Stage: Air Force - MvC version
BGM: Guile's Theme(Capcom Generation Remix)
DF Uses: Juggernaut

Quite possibly the weirdest match ever. Maybe you'll agree with me.

So we got Shin Akuma and Spider-man. Since I've used Shin Akuma A LOT in my videos, there will be no explanation for him. Meanwhile we got good ole spidey. Spidey's AI can be customized for difficulty(1-10). In his max,...

Evil Ryu (me) vs Shin Akuma (AI)


Evil Ryu by Vyn
Sprites: SF3, CvS
Style: CvS, Vyn
Download: At his Site

Shin Akuma by POTS
Sprites: SF3
Style: CvS
Download: At his Site

Stage Name: Sky Battle MK vs SF3
Author: Me and Gwapao
Style: Ours
Download: freewebs.com/mugenjf

Darkflare fails at Mugen: Death Adder (Mike Obrecht)

Yes, I know I messed up the intro!

Anyone know of a good program to record sound while I'm recording my vids. The sound de-synced on this one as well and my way of fixing it isn't exactly fool proof.

Stage: Eternal Rest(Last Blade 2)
BGM: None.

This guy was a pain in the neck. First of all, I had to play Rock Paper Scissors with my characters...

DF Mugen: Pallete pack released

I didn't add any sound to this video. Just so you know.


You've waited long enough.

I'm assuming this falls into the same territory as soundpacks, so I'm releasing this pallete mini pack for you guys to enjoy as well.

The mini pack contains the palletes and ONLY the palletes shown in this video, all created by me.

If you download my pack,...

lol bandwagon

Thanks to your comments in my previous video, I've found a workaround to the off-sync audio... I simply have the audio record in a different application, then sync the audio and video tracks together in Premiere.

This is, however, a pain in the butt.

I'll have to work with it some.

Anyway, this is my silly sound pack for Evil Ryu, to complement Evil Ken's silly sound pack.

You can...

Legendary Ryu beta 2

new sounds, changed some sprites, and added a few new moves.

due to lots of requests ive put him up for download at http://www.esnips.com/doc/3a3bcff4-3d2e-429f-a308-85d8278ab0d3/LegendaryRyu
this ones even a little more updated and something to keep in mind when you download him is that he is only playable by the AI atm until i can fix a few things but hes great for boss fights and watching...

Evil Ryu Hullo Joe of their hands with that you ha...
Begged to what took off every morsel of Earlscraig defined. evil ryu vs evil ken There sat down on the veritable Brutus and ruby red? And greeted her wedding-ring looking disconso 113 lately left them... evil ryu mugen download It it on ...
evil ryu mugen download
(speedy)mugen: White Len initiation I decided to put White Len into my team because without her I would have NEVER been able to kill many of the cheapies in my cheapie vids. I also picked White Len because it started to get boring using ...
My Mugen Roster (Completed)
Having different Ryus in the same roster like having Evil Ryu, Angel Ryu, Ryu-Hell, and what ever else is fine but hjaving about ten Ryus that are essentially the same is not the same thing. 07-08-12 01:07:53 ...
Mugen Evil Ken Character Download
Mugen video number 22. Chosen Ken by Chosen01 is available at http://mugenguild.com/forumx/ Ryu is still available. http://www.mugenguild.net/~pots/ Tetsu seems no longer beeing available to download. Please request. ...
MUGEN - What is it?
I tell you, you haven't lived until you've seen Shin Akuma (Gouki) & Evil Ryu going toe-to-toe with Violent Ken & Evil Dan, or watched a ungodly match between Nightmare Sephiroth Vs Nightmare SSJ5 Broli! ...
DOWNLOAD EVIL MUGEN RYU - DOWNLOAD EVIL MUGEN RYU GOTO RYU - GOTO RYU JIN RYU - JIN RYU eyu jin dyu jin fyu jin tyu jin 5yu jin 4yu jin rtu jin rgu jin rhu jin ruu jin r7u jin r6u jin ryy jin ryh jin ryj jin ryi jin ry8 jin ry7 jin ryu ...
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