Flesk Mugen Super Mario

Flesk Mugen All-Star 3# Amingo & Mario Survival

Here is Team Flesk Fighter's Team Captain & President against the World in a 2 vs. 2 Survival. I play as Amingo and If Mugen ever had a Online Play feature, I could pwn alots of peoples as Amingo, Cause i play as Brutal as i can and try to now give the Enemy a change to defend himself. Anyway, Enjoy the Movie.

Flesk Mugen All-Star 1# Mars Peoples Invade

Mars Peoples attack the Earth, they gonna take over the World and who is the Only Team brave enough to save the world from the Mars Peoples? Team Flesk Fighters of course. The President take on the Martians but not along but with his Sergeant to fight against Two Mars Peoples. Who will win?

*Again, the music is not in-game.

*Peter Griffin is the first character that i have master all...

Flesk Mugen Super Mario Introduction

This is Team Flesk Fighter's President's Intro. See FleskFighter's Account (My Second Account) for that account's first Mugen Movie, Anyway. Enjoy!

Flesk Mugen Super Mario 1# Super Mario and Homer Survival

This account's first Movie and it's a Survival. I play as Super Mario also. It was a clip that i deleted, it was when i meet Cless cause it took lots of time so i needed to short the movie down so i deleted that part. Enjoy!