Guilty Gear Lifebars

RadiantMUGEN Special- Hayato's Second Survival Run

This is my personal best.

Noticing how good I've been getting with Hayato, I decided to take him through a second survival run. At seven minutes, twenty eight seconds, and nine victories, this is my best one yet.

I know I can do better. Wait until Hayato's third. :P

Also, here you see my third MUGEN setup. See, I have three. My Tag Battle set up which is the brokenMUGEN screenpack/lifebars,...

DF Mugen Special: Another White Len? pt.3

For those that thought this was over. You were wrong.

Stage and BGM are the same as pt.2

Yea, Guilty Gear X lifebars. I switched out temporarily since it would be pretty annoying to hear the level up sound everytime I got hit(I'm normally at 2999 power. Any hit I receive will put me at 3000 power triggering the level up and since White Len's AI is pretty combo happy, it would mean hearing...

High Res Mugen Guilty Gear XX

This a High Res Guilty Gear xx Character for Mugen. Plus I add the intro for the mugen as well as the High Res stages and the Lifebar

Mugen Ken # 2 - Fei-Long

Mugen Video number 2.

Yes. A Life-300%-and-difficult-8-fight.
Hmm.. it wasn't that hard. =/

And, no, I didn't make Peter Masters. Well, it's just a pallete editing of Ken from MugenHistory. But I didn't want to overwrite Ken, so Peter Masters has born! Maybe I'm going to modify him more, but first I've got to ask if I am allowed to do so.

You can get...

Vermillion Akiha vs Dizzy

Stage: ETP Festival
Music: Loves*** by Martin Venetjoki from Live at OM.

Lifebar:Eternal Fighter Zero Memorial

Since Akiha's Vermillion form is a new addition to the team, I decided to give her a few videos just like with Shiki. But instead of cheap characters, I will make this completely about training.

So my first match is against Dizzy in a concert's outskirts? Well here I come...

M.U.G.E.N. XBattles #3: Shin Kaname Ameri VS Order Sol

In the honor of Spencerthedumbass's new Kaname Pallet pack(which is sick), I present you, "Kaname VS Order Sol" XD. Now this one was tough, why? Order Sol is a hella cheap character. It only takes him a few hits to KO you, and it takes forever to bring down his lifebar. His AI is "OK", but his power pretty much makes up for that. I used one of my favorite Pallets in this one, which I call...

MUGEN: Ruby Heart (me) vs. Faust

Ruby Heart takes on Faust by muteki.
Faust is absolutely one of the most insane and hilarious characters I've seen so far! Faust is pretty damn long and he is kind of like Baldhead in the first Guilty Gear. I wonder if that's him.

NOTE: I changed my lifebars again to ones called "Simple Lifebars", because the SVC Omega lifebars weren't working properly.

Stage: Weapon Showcase
BGM Weapon...

Fighting game
... Champions were taken from distinct historical periods; the cast of the Guilty Gear series simply seem to differ wildly from one another; and characters from the Mortal Kombat series range from criminals to Shaolin monks to gods. ...
Instant Kills in Soulcalibur IV?
... in the upcoming Soulcalibur IV which will allow players to end a round without depleting their opponent’s lifebar or causing a ring out. Some guess that this may involve a Super Instant Kill move similar to that in Guilty Gear. ...
wherein Greg discusses two-dimensional fighting games
Guilty Gear Dust Strikers and Bleach DS, both for, obviously, the Nintendo DS, strike me as both possessing half of what could have made for an absolutely amazing whole: Guilty Gear has a great cast of well-designed characters with a ...
Are we an otaple?
XD Ahh, its great and and we both agreed that anime that includes Guilty Gear in its opening sequence, wins!. There was alot of laughter during the first six episodes, at Genshiken, ourselves and LAS. Well, I was laughing at Alun as he ...
I watched some MvC2 matches, let some kids play Guilty Gear X2 and Worms World Party on my PS2, and finally started playing some Street Fighter 3 casuals.HOLY CRAP there were some great players at this con, I surprised myself by being ...
6/28/2006 - My 100 Favorite Games!
The characters don’t have the genius design of the SF II cast, but the only game that does is Guilty Gear X2, so I cannot fault the game for that either. So you take those two complaints out and you are left with a perfectly acceptable ...
The Man
I just practically broke my thumb playing Guilty Gear, this time with Ky. It was easier than before because I'm used to the fighting system. The only problems I ran into were Sol and Justice. Yeah, what gives? ...