Kisame Vs Deidara

Naruto Shippuuden AMV Faint EMT Remix

the best amv i ever made
a fan-made amv

Faint by Linkin Park

Naruto and Sakura vs. Kakashi
Team Kakashi vs. Itachi
Team Gai vs. Kisame
Gaara vs. Deidara

NA casuals 072907 eunisesa vs. NH

Narutimate Accel
July 29, 2007

eunisesa vs. narutimate_hero
(Kisame) vs. (Deidara)

AMV Akatsuki Tribute (Stratovarius -Cold Winter Nights )

Itachi vs team Kakashi, Kisame vs Team Gai , Deidara vs Gaara .
Questo è un AMV dedicato all'organiazzazione che tanto affascina tutti gli appassionati di Naruto , che nella seconda serie tanto spadroneggia sulla scena con le sue "forme d'arte" By Albert Wesker 27 and Mr. Butter e ricordate "DATTEBAYO"

Ipod Mix v. Naruto Video

My first video. Ever. =] A Naruto iPod Mix featuring the following characters in order of appearance.
Orochimaru(obvious choice =/ sorry.)

Want to know the songs? You'll have to see for yourself

naruto kyubi vs deidara

I will give ny1 nd every1 the links 2 download mugen chars i also take battle requests my chars are
shipuden naruto
kyubi shipuden naruto
shippuden sasuke
cs1 sasuke
cs2 sasuke
sasuke(in the black clothes)
rocklee(new version)
drunken rock lee
shippuden rock lee
3rd hokage
anbu kakashi
no headband neji
chunin shikamaru
all of akatsuki

GNT EX! Akatsuki war

Itachi(me) Kisame Versus Sasori Deidara

Naruto Shippuden's Life

This amv is dedicated to Sadi777 who ask me to make another amv and here it is. Naruto Shippuden's Life is meant to be the theme of Naruto Shippuden's story. Also this amv is named after a famous Kakashi amv on youtube. Maybe you've heard of it or watched it. The beging clips where from an amv that I borrowed from Naruto Shippuden: The New and Improved Era. It was named after Naruto AMV:...

kisame vs. deidara
kisame vs.deidara location:Woods everything is allowed.
Kakashi, Yamato, and Asuma vs. Hidan, Kisame, and Deidara
Kisame is in his Shoten form, and Deidara is restricted to C2 and low elevation flying. The Jounins get one full day of preptime/planning in Konoha. The fight takes place at midnight in the center of an Abandoned Sunagakure. Who wins?
Deidara vs Itachi
Or will it be like last time... but his life along with Sasori's? Author: anna_. Fandoms: Naruto. Genre: Anime. Tags: deidara joins akatsuki itachi sasori kisame pink hair jinchuuriki sunagakure konoha naruto revenge. Content Rating: All.
Why Sasuke has a chance to beat Itachi
As seen in Deidara vs. Sasuke, knowing even a little of what your opponent can do gives huge advantages in battle. I'll summarize this post to make it more clear why Sasuke has a chance. Sasuke has improved drastically, while Itachi, ...
Naruto Shippuuden AMV Faint EMT Remix
the best amv i ever made a fan-made amv Faint by Linkin Park Naruto and Sakura vs. Kakashi Team Kakashi vs. Itachi Team Gai vs. Kisame Gaara vs. Deidara Technorati: chiyo lee naruto neji rasengan rock shippuden tenten.
Konoha / Suna Vs Akatsuki
It's a battle of Kakashi group with Uchiha Itachi , Maito Gai with Hoshigaki Kisame,and Gaara Vs Deidara using Bleach sixth opening, ALONES. Please leave some comment or rating. Author: ajam1992 Keywords: Naruto Shippuden Akatsuki ...
Naruto 354 - 360
At the Akatusuki's end, after they have sealed the four-tails, Deidara and Tobi decide to move out on their own to track down Kakashi/Naruto or go after Sasuke. Sasuke vs. Deidara Deidara decided that they will go after Sasuke. ...
Character's strength
Now in the most recent fight, Sasuke vs Deidara, they both fought evenly. And at the end sasuke had to resort to sacrificing the life of Manda for him to escape death. To me it also seems that Kisame is extremely strong. ...
desjr's chapter 362 analysis
This sort of reminds me of the Gaara vs. Naruto fight were both of them were exhausted and had 1 attack left in them.I would also like to note that this battle has been very even throughout with each side getting the upperrhand.Deidara ...
Naruto rant
In order to keep it somewhat fair, it seems that the next battles will be the four Akatsuki (Itachi, Kisame, Tobi and Deidara) vs. Team Hebi. Obviously, Kisame will fight Suigetsu and Sasuke Itachi, but I'm not sure about the other four ...
Deidara vs Kisame
Works of art vs the mystic ocean 2 Akatsukis at it, who takes this one?
Deidara takes Gaara's body outside of the cavern, followed by Naruto and Kakashi. Chiyo and Sakura stay behind to fight Sasori. 20 "Hiruko vs. two kunoichi""Hiruko vs. futari no kunoichi" (ヒルコVS二人の女忍者) July 19, 2007 ...
Newest Game Cheats for PS2
If you have a NH3 save on your memory card you unlock all the characters except for Deidara, Sasori, Itachi, Kisame, Chiyo and the 4th Hokage. Extra money Have a saved game file from Narutimate Hero 3 on your memory card to start the ...
The story
Meanwhile, Naruto and Kakashi chase after Deidara. Kakashi activates his own version of the Mangekyo Sharingan, but it is difficult to aim properly and only manages to remove Deidara's remaining arm (he was aiming at his head). ...
Mangekyou Shu Kuran (kelidoscope cosplay clan)
Deidara - CrimsonPuppet (Team Leader and Sensei) Tobi - spikesghost (Student) *Chunnin* Ino Yamanaka - xXxInoxXx (Student). Team: Jiraya - Kaitodragon88 (Team Leader and Sensei) Orochimaru - Orochimaru53 (Student) Kisame - treytrey4 ...
Resumen de las batallas
Gaara vs Deidara Ganador: Deidara En este combate Deidara se aprovecha de la debilidad de Gaara, quien intenta salvar a su aldea de un ataque y resulta vencido y secuestrado.. Capítulo 248-250 Kankuro vs Sasori Ganador: Sasori ...
My Ninja History
When I was 11 two members of the Akatsuki came for me, Their names were Sasori and Deidara. They thought I was the one with the 5 tailed Koala inside me. Deidara quickly found out that it was not me, therefor he had to kill me because I ...
A Fact about Itachi's Fights so far
used some jutsu's and mangekyou sharingan to defeat kakashi **itachi/kisame vs. Gai** = couldnt/didnt use genjutsu against Gai w/ anbu enforcements & escaped itachi vs sasuke = beat the crap out of him and used mangekyou sharigan ...
narutoaddme @ 2007-06-20T19:04:00
Favorite Character(s): Itachi, Deidara, Hidan, Kisame, Tobi, Sasori, Suigetsu, Naruto, Sasuke, Neji, Sai Favorite fight or moment: The Valley of the End, Itachi vs. Sasuke, Sasori vs. Sakura, Deidara vs. Sasuke ...
Legendary vs. Akatsuki
Akatsuki Sasori Hidan Deidara Kakuzu Kisame Itachi vs. Legendary Uchiha Madara Uchiha Shisui Sandaime Kazekage Hatake Sakumo Yondaime Hokage Hyuuga Hizashi.