Makoto Mugen Download

FK MUGEN: Aoko Aozaki Test Drive

Testing out Aoko Aozaki by Raien Makoto who is now 43% done. You can get her here. (Along with MUGEN 9's Melty Blood more... characters and Raien and Tomas other characters like Red Arcueid and Shiki Nanaya)

Makoto Sawatari (me) vs Giant Yuki Nagato

So that was an excellent break from mugen.

First things first, I'm going to try to get back to the Mugen vids PLUS make videos of other games too. So expect to see different stuff from me in the future.

Second, apparently I've been a big frustration to Favic, despite the fact I haven't insulted him for several months. My pissonic ability apparently transcends TIME ITSELF. Maybe I can...

MUGEN: Fluorospark. ( MB-02 and other challenges )

Plot synopsis:
SagatZ wants to win Dragon Claw and Dark Chun-Li, because Zanasj failed to download Shadow Lady. Charlotte wants to win MB-02. Wolverine wants to win SagatZ.

Cast of characters:
- SagatZ by Zamtong (human control)
- Charlotte by Masquer (human control)
- MB-02 by M.Bison (ou Vega no JapĆ£o)... wait,
it was made by SodonHID, O Ilusionista and Ethan Lives ;)
- Dark Chun-Li...

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