Mk Chunli Mugen

Team Heroes vs Team Light of Justice

Match 5 of the CVS3 Tourny!

Team Heroes (Barrysun)

MK Chunli
Wolverine (Sander71113)
Sakura (P.O.T.S)


Team Light of Justice (Jugness)
Faust (Muteki)
Shadow Dio

BS: MK Chun Li mugen 15# Mr. Bison (Vega)

He killed her father. and now, chun li finally gets to have some revenge.

Mr. Bison: he is one tough customer. he has his psychio crusher and he shares many POTS trates like parry, roll dodging and stuff.
and check it out, I've founded a new trick with MK Chun Li! she can perform her spining bird kick in the air! over all, he's a tough opponent alright.

BS: MK Chun Li mugen 14# The Flash

I'm wondering, is this how the flash died in the comic series?

Mugen All-Stars #5: MK Chun Li (Kazmer13) vs. Ella

This is my 19th Mugen Video.
This time it's a 1-on-1 battle.
This time MK Chun Li by Kazmer13 takes on Ella by Aiduzzi from The Ring.
Ella is very tough for MK Chun Li, but her revenge on Ella is going to be good.

This weird Mortal Kombat version of SF2 Chun Li (made by Kazmer13), complete with five fatalities. The Fatalities are easy to perform.
If you are past round 1, and you inflict...

KI megaman mugen #15 vs mortal kombat chunli

if you think she's easy you gotta try it yourself!
KennethItchi's megaman mugen fight 15
stage by POTS
MKchunli by
she has sum strong moves there and sometimes she's doing a little cheap,3specials in a row the first round
i will take requests for my next videos
check it out and enjoy..

The Countdown to 100!: 10-Vs Team Heros!

It's the Muscle and the detective Vs The Hunter and the assassin as Tizoc and Chun-li by by rkMugen take on MK Chun-li and Predator Hunter!

UF Mugen Shin Kazuma Challenge #1: MK Chun Li

Mk Chun Li is a edit of SF2 Chun Li. She has different hyper combos, and can even execute fatalities. She is slightly cheap being that she can do lengthy combos, and gets her special meter filled up pretty fast.

EXCUSE ME!!!! THIS IS A VERY PRIMITIVE VID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To See my vids that are a little more high quality, see my latest vids!!!

BS: MK Chun Li mugen 12# Chun Li (WhiteMagic2002)
Wow, this is a 3 straight fights against another chun li.... Author: Barrysun Keywords: barrysun Mugen chun Li Added: June 27, 2007.
BS: MK Chun Li mugen 11# shin Chun Li
For this match, I’ve increased MK chun Li HP to 1200, attack to 150, and defence to 160. yea, I tried to fight her without these states but she keeps owning me everytime! and plus it helps to use my custom palette for MK chun Li so I ...
Street fighter Alpha pt.7
WTF is data sampled? Capcom... you could have come up with a better story line that this movie. Akuma didnt even fight Ryu... What a let down. Maybe you should let Mugen Fans stick to character story lines. MK vs SF was 100X ...
Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter
obeporter ::: Favorites You can download Mortal Kombat vs Streetfighter THE GAME for FREE at freewebs dot com/t101series. They have individual characters downloads for FREE and mugen trouble shooting page. 07-08-09 21:39:42.
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