Mugen Character Thanos

[MUGEN]Blackheart VS Thanos of titan

It is a contribution of the second Marvel Character Battle animation. Please enjoy it.

MUGEN Rare Characters 2

More Rare DC / Marvel Characters

Will Only Trade For Marvel Or DC Characters I Don't Have... Unless You Got Something REAL Good.

My mugen roster 7/31/2007

Update: It appears people are sending me even more friend invites just to get to the characters on my roster. I guess I didn't make myself clear on the last part. You must also meet the requirements on my channel description.

Another note: Like last time, this is not my entire roster.

If you see something on here you want, just tell me and I'll send you the link, or if the character is...

Mugen All-Star: Iori 71113 (me) vs Thanos of Titan

Yep, I play as Iori Yagami once again but this time I switched over to the version by Sander 71113 over the one by Beppu. His A.I. isn't nearly as cautious as Beppu's Iori XI but it still is a kickass one who combos very well but again that doesn't matter... I am playing Iori, not the A.I. This version fo Iori is surprisingly easy to get a hang with and his combos, despite being restricted,...

MUGEN Arcade - Vega pt 1

Hands down my new favorite character. Like P.o.t.S's Shin Gouki, Vega is powerful but surprisingly... fair, or whatever is the opposite of cheap (See: Evil trio).

Using a relatively low-level character against the CPU Vega is painful unless you know what you're doing. With further development of the AI, we could have on our hands a challenging opponent who doesn't need to resort to 10,000...

MUGEN - Thanos vs. Blaque

Blaque gets the bitchslapping she's been asking for. Both characters are available here:

Lucius' Mugen: My Default Pack With SF Alpha/Zero Lifebars

This is my new default big screen pack
holding 60 chars and a few bosses I'll take character and match requests
since im feeling generous =)

I also like to thank G31093 for giving me morrigan_mvc and Roll_mvc
(wanted them badly)

I renamed the characters too

Chars renamed are as follows:

Mb-02 - sagat

Ogre - Akuma

Sevil Nahte - M. Bison

Naruto kun - Naruto

Sasuke kun - Sasuke


Dr. Doom cartoon
Two teams battle it out. Uploaded: April 5, 2007 at 2:41 pm. Length: 0:01:47. Rating: 1.00. Views: 182. Tags: Mugen Marvel Doom Thanos Omega Red Sabretooth fighting street game engine cartoon violence ...
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