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Hory Marlu
Mako Mayama (Aka Kung Fu Mako)
Onpu Segawa
Tiria Roset
Natumi Takashimada
Yusuke Urameshi
Goku Son
Yoshitune Minamoto
Lynn Baker
Vanilla H(beta)
Alfred Airhawk
Reika Murasame
Yumeji Kurokouchi

Hime Kawano
Marika M Peachitree

Taruse still has a current website at http://nyankill.hp.i...

PsychoJolteon's Mugen Roster As of 7/3/07

my two-hundred fifth Mugen Video. Yes, this counts.

I had to do it. I haven't made a roster vid in a while, so it was about time I kept you up to date with what I currently have now. If you see anything you want, PM me (ten characters at a time. Comment here or on my profile, where you'll read the same rules, and you'll get nothing). I got rid of some characters and updated more. I even...

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