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KOSF Special #6 - 100th Video!!! 4 on 4 All Stars Battle!

My 100th Video on youtube... Wow I can't believe I made 100 videos. I would like to thank my fans, friends, subscribers, people from HCI i guess for watching my videos. Rating them, commenting them Etc. I would like to thank Aznpikachu215 for showing me M.U.G.E.N. I'll remember his first Mugen Videos I saw, it was the MK vs SF Videos. I like to thank acicon, misakianzu19, aznpikachu215......

Team GPF Vs. The Gang of Steel Round #1 Match #2

This is the first dream event of the 21st century! With One Match Down 14 more to go after this! The Summer Open is only just beginning!

Round One Match #2: The Girl Power Flames.... The Runner ups of the Spring tournament. With Girl power... Can they defeat The Gang of Steel with Rock and the Juggernaut? Just Watch and See!


Team Girl Power Flames (MisakiAnzu...

Team KOSF Vs. Team Girl Power Flames 2007 Spring Finals

The Millionare Fighting is coming to an end.... I liked to thank all 17 teams that played in this tournament! And now let the finals begin! With Two Friends and Rivals facing eachother in the Finals

2007 Spring Finals: Team Girl Power Flames has been making history after the first match. She's the first girl to ever win a tournament match! And the First Girl to play in the Finals, And...

Team Raging Flames Vs. Team KOSF Semi-Finals #1

The Semi-Finals Are about to start Winner will go on to face the Winner of the 2nd Semi-Finalist and the loser will go face the loser of the Semi-Finalist for 3rd place!

Semi-Finals #1: Team King of Street Fightes friends and rivals of The Raging Flames... Both Teams look very pumped that they made it this far. Raging Flames have defeated the defending champions Dark Flames! Can They Defeat...

Team King of Street Fighters Vs. Team GBX Quarter-Finals #2

The 2007 Spring Millionare Fighting Quarter-Finals Match #2 is about to begin!

Quarter-Finals #2: The Host of this tournament lilAzNAJ13 is looking to finish strong in this tournament! Can GBX Stop them? Team King of Street Fighters the rookies of this tournament is hoping that the they can beat GBX!


Team King of Street Fighters (LilAzNAJ13)
Ryu (Warusaki3...

Team King of Street Fighters Vs. Team Angel Guard Match #5

We are half-way done of Round One of the Spring Tournament! It's now the Host of the tournament's turn to play there round! Can Angel Guard Defeat them?

Match #5: With a 3rd place finish in the Winter Open... and a 4th place finish and HC's tournament... Team King of Street Fighters are hoping that they could make it far, in this tournament. Can Angel Guard Stop them from going to the...

Team King of Street Fighters vs. Team Dark Flames

This is my 204th Mugen video!

Here's the tournament progress so far:

Team Dark Flames, Team King of Street Fighters, Team Eddy Gordo Don't Have Anything On Us, Team Lionheart99, Team Stanley Obas, Team New NeoKamek, Team GigaBowserX and Team Old NeoKamek have moved on into the second stage of the tournament. The others have all been eliminated.

The first match of this second phase of...

Team GPF Vs. The Gang of Steel Round #1 Match #2
Team Girl Power Flames (MisakiAnzu19) Sakura (POTS) + Athena Asamiya (Ecchichuu) Vs. The Gang of Steel (krimbe) Juggernaut (Splode) + Rock Howard (warusaki3 Ex-Groove) Next Location is... Valley Of Bliss Song: Remember Me - Initial D ...