Orochi Iori Mugen

Team Orochi Flames Vs. Team King of Street Fighters Week #4

The Season is coming to an end.... With many teams still in the hunt for top 16 spots. Who will come out taking the final spots in each division?

Haruhi: Were live in the first KOSF Battle Stage... Where Kyo fought Athena and now there working together in this tournament and the storyline!

Asakura: These teams are already in the top 16, it looks like it's just going to be a fun game!...

Shiki Vs Orochi Iori army

Shiki:No you can't make me do any more of this crap....you have already made me actually knock out
my sister, shoved me into a b grade rejected tsukihime storyline, made me kill my brother, made me go against reu's crap, broad casted me getting my ass handed to me by omega zero,made me go against sehpiroth and more importantly made me head of your "Mugen team"

Leonidas-Desafio Mugen

Orochi-iori vs. Morrigan

TRT MUGEN #8: Evil Ryu (Me) vs Orochi Iori

I like playing as the Evil variation of Ryu by "P.O.T.S.". I decided to use him to face Orochi Iori by "H".
The Orochi variation is, in my opinion, faster and tougher. He is very tough to fight up close. His grapple seems to grab me out of the air after any blocked or missed attack. He also actually uses his super moves compared to his original self, who I havent seen use a super yet....

orochi leona&orochi iori vs evil ken&riot ryu

a battle of orochi slaves

Team Luigio Match #33: Cless Alvein vs Orochi Iori

Cless makes his return from a long absence (excluding the recent match vs Matthew123678) to take on a tough opponent. The challenger is Orochi Iori by David Demianoff.

Orochi Iori is Iori Yagami while intoxicated by the power of the Riot of the Blood caused by the corrupted Yagami pact with Orochi. While in this stage, Iori becomes Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (lulz @ Daft Punk reference...

Mugen Match: Aoko Aozaki Vs Orochi Iori

First Mugen video here!
Aoko Aozaki(Toma& Raiden Makoto)
Orochi Iori (David Demianoff)

Man,that was hard...because i can't air combo him.Why?he gets invencible after an air combo...and when he goes max mode,mistake = lose.And,in max mode he counters ALMOST EVERYTHING you do to him,and his stiker(Orochi Leona)is an annoying one.

Sorry for the bad quality,and on the sound desynch...=|

Team Luigio Match #33: Cless Alvein vs Orochi Iori
While in this stage, Iori becomes Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (lulz @ Daft Punk reference... Author: LuigioSMBZ Keywords: Team Luigio Cless Alvein Tales Phantasia Namco Orochi Iori Yagami SNK King of Fighters Mugen ...
Summer Mugen:Makai under fire - chapter 8
So it's Morrigan against Orochi iori. BGM:Home Artist:Three days grace From the album:Three days grace You better leave a comment after you watch this video!! This is called Mugen. If you don't wanna search it, you better off alone. ...
Mugen Survival - Orochi Iori (5 Matchs Of Hell)
Shin Ken Andy Bogard and this little girl whose name scapes me, your screwed!! Author: RyonAnthony Keywords: Mugen Survival Match Orochi Iori Shin Ken Andy Bogard Ky Kyske Brdiget Groovy Music Added: March 5, 2007.
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Diana by Actarus Orochi Iori by Chin-ya Pockefreeman by Pockefreeman Demitri (of capcom fighting jam) by Kung Fu Man Dee by Kung Fu Man please send them to andrea.taviani@fastwebnet.it thank u in advance.
Re: WIP Orochi Akuma
Wow, nice pallettes. Especially the Orochi Iori/Yashiro ones. BTW, are you working on fixing the bugs I pointed out? What do you think of my suggestions for the final super, BTW?
Summer Mugen:Makai under fire - chapter 9
After Morrigan defeat Orochi iori, Iori return to his non-violent self & he fell unconcious. The officers came out to see if Morrigan is okay. Morrigan said to the police that he was fine but he fell unconcious. ...
Orochi Iori vs. Orochi Chris
i just got these characters yesterday, and after playing with them both and seeing how they fight agiants each other. i have the say HOLY WTF JUST HAPPENED!!! its extremely rare to find a good Orochi Iori. i'll gladly send them to ...