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Video View 8/30/07 -

Video View 8/30/07, PA - 21 hours ago
Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams” (Buena Vista; $26.99, DVD; Sept. 4) with Jasmine from “Aladdin” and Aurora from “Sleeping Beauty” in ...
Screen Time - Washington Post

Washington Post

Screen Time
Washington Post, United States - 12 hours ago
DVDs available Tuesday include "Disney Princess Enchanted Tales -- Follow Your Dreams," featuring Jasmine of "Aladdin" and Aurora from "Sleeping Beauty"; ...
Pan Panache - Modesto Bee

Pan Panache
Modesto Bee, CA - 4 hours ago
Jasmine Mangal is the Indian princess Tiger Lily. Musical director Matt Cover is directing the orchestra and Shelly Coito is handling the choreography. ...
Princesses of the ice - Enid News & Eagle

Princesses of the ice
Enid News & Eagle, OK - Aug 23, 2007
Make wishes upon ice crystals rather than stars with Disney On Ice’s “Princess Wishes.” Tinker Bell, the pixie of “Peter Pan,” will whisk audiences onto the ...
EDMT auditions for Disney’s Aladdin, Jr. September 8th - Rocklin and Roseville Today

EDMT auditions for Disney’s Aladdin, Jr. September 8th
Rocklin and Roseville Today, CA - Aug 15, 2007
Set in the heart of an enchanted city where the kind, but wily street urchin, Aladdin, falls in love with and battles to save the beautiful Princess Jasmine ...
Movie capsules 8/24/07 -

Movie capsules 8/24/07, PA - Aug 24, 2007
(R) WHEN THE ROAD BENDS: TALES OF A GYPSY CARAVAN: (B) Jasmine Dellal directed this documentary that follows gypsy musicians as they take breaks from ...
The Movie List - Vancouver Sun

The Movie List
Vancouver Sun,  Canada - Aug 16, 2007
The music is wonderful, but director Jasmine Dellal doesn't give us enough of it: the film is also concerned with the story of anti-Gypsy discrimination, ...
It's Your Duty (To Shake that Booty) {Disney Girls}

Hey I thought of this song and I thought it would make a cool Disney Girls video. Hope you enjoy.

Jasmine Farts


Disney Princesses--Rebirthing

Disney INTENSITY!!!!!!!
Song::Rebirthing- Skillet

THis was based off one of Shihiki's amazing videos on this idea was hers

Animated Princess Video 46 - Fabulous by Jasmine

The 46th video in the series, with the song "Fabuluos" by Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel, as portrayed by Jasmine feat. Aladdin

Let Me Be Your Wings

A beautiful song with a beautiful couple we hope you all love it.

April and Michelle

If you can dream (by: princesses disney)

other version

If you can dream (by: princesses disney)


4 Minute online video preview of the new Disney Princesses DVD
The new Enchanted Tales DVD comes out next Thursday, 09/04/07. It includes two new original stories. The first featuring Princess Aurora and the second featuring Princess Jasmine. Disney has posted a 4 minute online clip from the DVD ...
A world of laughter, a world of tears
She would pick Jasmine if Disney itself would make an accurate Jasmine outfit. “Jasmine is my princess,” she says. She also says it of Snow but not as often. Close though. Anyhoo, I’ll be Alice since I already have the outfit. ...
Presenting Princess Jasmine (just for Paula)
DD opted for Jasmine at BBB after all so - just for Paula - here is a quick sneaky peak before I get to that trippie! DD is very thin and fair skinned so I felt some of the photos made her look almost waif like and washed out. ...
Princess Jasmine Shoes
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Presenting Princess Jasmine (just for Paula)
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Disney Princess Jasmine Aladdin Fancy Dress Age 3/4
Time Left: 13s , Price: 15.99GBP , Bids: -
Disney princess jasmine costumes
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