Registeel Mugen

Overused character battle 4:Registeel!


Mugen: Arcueid Team Arcade Battle Part 5/5

Shiranui Mai

~ROUND 10~
Shiki Tohno
Shin Eddie

Part 5/5.

AR MUGEN Battle #59: Team Gruppo Reale VS Team Suku919

Blackheart and Registeel (Gruppo Reale)
Son Goku and Strider Hiryu (Team Suku919)

Operation Survivor: Metal Sonic, First Round (part three)

Sorry this part isnt very long, but It wraps it up nicley.

The finnal Challengers are
1. Super Mario
2. Great Wario
3. Registeel
4. Super Luigi

The leader of solar Stormers finishes The Leader of Righteous... and gets revenge for his brother.

Grand Total: 27 Rounds

Operation Survivor: Metal Sonic, First Round (part one)

I'm back and building my mugen back to what it was, Maybe awhile before I can carry the serise on but for now I'll just make random videos.
sorry for sound quaility and lack of music.

part 1 includes:
1. Mr. Satan
2. Gemerl
3. Magikarp
4. Bloo
5. Great Wario
6. Green Ranger
7. Broli
8. The Nightmare SSJ3
9. Registeel
10. Green Ranger

HadokenFist MUGEN Request-Megaman Vs. Registeel

Request by roxsex

Mugen: 2 Battles In One Video

2 battles in one video.

~Round 1~
Koganei (Nax13)& Bridget
Registeel (Oleng12345) & Blaziken

~Round 2~
Dark Arcueid (Nax13) & Len
Ky (Oleng12345) & Robo KYII


MUGEN AS1 #6 : Super Mario(Me) Vs Registeel
He's tough, you have stay on him. Characters (C) Nintendo, Pokemon Music (C) F-Zero Grand Prix From Super Smash Bros. Melee. Author: ASHAKI1 Keywords: MUGEN ashaki1 games engines Super Mario Nintendo Vs Registeel Pokemon ...
LS MUGEN Brawl #53:Yoshi(me) vs. Registeel
Yoshi takes on Registeel!He was a bit tougher than I expected.Just so you know,I was playing as Yoshi.At least I do more than spam Egg throw. BG:Concrete Cave BGM:Regi theme. Author: LordShade67 Keywords: MUGEN Yoshi Registeel Mario ...
Hanshi Morrigan & Lilith MUGEN Match #10: Pokemon
Morrigan (POTS, aka Phantom of the Server) Lilith (J. Reed, Omega Red, KoYoTae) Registeel and Blaziken (Claymizer). Author: BloodAce001 Keywords: Morrigan Lilith Registeel Blaziken MUGEN Team Hanshi BloodAce001 Added: June 18, 2007.
Re: Does this thing exist or who's the author of this creation?
Quote from: Deviled Ham and Eggs on Today at 12:31:27 AM. Is there a stand alone Nanaya Shiki? And do Blaziken and Registeel exists in another site, not in the warehoused site? The site isn'ta Warehouse it linke...
JS Maximum-MUGEN #06: Team Pokemon
*Registeel (Brandon Clay): Finally! More good Pokemon MUGEN characters. This hunk of metal has high defense (135) but balanced out with a lower attack (65) to compensate for its range. It has Regice and Regirock as strikers. ...
MUGEN - MissingNo Ownage
I went through a few rounds of Mugen with everyones favorite glitch Pokemon, Missingno! Author: STABW0UND Keywords: Pokemon Mugen Missingno Kenshin Cloud Strife Registeel Chansey Glitch MUGEN StabWound Pandoria Castle Sword Samurai ...