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TFHButtercupDoujinshi-MUGEN#2:Whp Erick

Buttercup intro v2 is now my Buttercup MUGEN Intro.

Whp Erick by Shimon. He seems to be from the same game as Johny Maxium, World Heroes(I think).

Anyway he's tough and his AI is hard but kind of dumb. He doesn't seem to have any hypers But he has some cool super moves. Like the Thunder Hammer, Water Wave and he also has an Ice Breath.

Pretty good char to fight agaisn't. This guy if...

powerful team Mai and saber vs. my team (not really)

These characters are powerful by themselves alone but what if I pair them up together? You're probably saying, "Matt are you a retard! They'll kill you three ways till Sunday!" very true and they did 7 times in a row.

But i manage to beat both of them.

both the characters stats were lower by 20 points to make a long lasting battle.

characters on my team during the video:
Shiki Nanaya...

Mustkillroy MUGEN Team Battle 3: Team Raiden Fighters

That's right, the wildly popular Judgespear has agreed to a team battle with me!

In the first match, I play as Blaziken by Claymizer, who makes his video debut in this match. The AI controls Tron Bonne by Beximus, who you already know is deadly. We fight Homer Simpson by Warner and H'' and Son Goku by CHOUJIN. I was originally going to fight Homer and Peter, but since Peter has no AI,...

JS MUGEN All-Stars #63: Yoshi's Jurassic Adventure

The Yoshis are on a rampage!

Four colorful Yoshis do battle in the dinosaur exhibit of a museum, where four dinosaurs have come to life by a mysterious force! The evil dinos are Allosaurusu, Diablo, Rapterrometh, and Hauzer! The band of Yoshis must stop this Jurassic terror!

Allosaurusu is a character from the Japan-only PS2 RPG, Namco x Capcom. He is one of the two dinosaur characters...

Hanshi Morrigan & Lilith MUGEN Match #7: Johnny Maximum

Stage BG: Aoko-Ex's Stage

Morrigan and Lilith take on yet another member of the Team Raiden Fighters guild...Johnny Maximum! Careful, don't want to hurt those girls, do ya?

You shouldn't.

Morrigan (P.O.T.S., aka Phantom of the Server)
Lilith (J. Reed, Omega Red, KoYoTae)
Johnny Maximum (bbaga, shimon, JudgeSpear)

JS Maximum-MUGEN #05: Team World Heroes

Johnny Maximum returns to his roots! He fights six characters from the World Heroes series! His opponents are:

*Mudman (Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum version): This shaman with a huge mask that actually changes expression when hit is my favorite World Heroes character next to J. Max. He can summon an energy sphere that can damage quite well. He also has the typical anti-air move and a weird...

TDC #8 - Minawa (me) VS Maki (by H'')

My first trial with Minawa.
Shimon did a great job working on a mahoromatic character. It's the best conversion you can find...
She has powerful and unforeseeable moves that makes her interesting.
I know she has a lot of helpers and specials, but I don't know how to use it yet...
I'll read deeply the readme later for that.

Re: Akiko by shimon, Sakuya Izoyoi OS by GATT, and Youmu Konpaku ...
Eh I don't know...Gatt's site has been down for me every single time I've ever checked it. Sakuya is basically offline for me...
Re: Akiko by shimon, Sakuya Izoyoi OS by GATT, and Youmu Konpaku ...
Quote from: Blue WolfmageXX on Today at 07:15:54 PM. hotmailed. Lol, evil quoter. Just got it. Thanks +1.
Re: Rockman and Roll by shimon
Quote from: rock on Today at 08:23:02 PM. Quote from: KillerRobby on Today at 08:05:47 PM. i got both sending now sent the email i got form calamix no idea what was in the downloads in the e...
JS MUGEN All-Stars #63: Yoshi’s Jurassic Adventure
He is one of the two dinosaur characters made into MUGEN by shimon. Allosaurusu has only basic attacks. He has no specials, no supers, and even no walking animations. Allo just slides all over the place…pretty funny. ...
Hanshi Morrigan & Lilith MUGEN Match #7: Johnny Maximum
You shouldn't. Morrigan (POTS, aka Phantom of the Server) Lilith (J. Reed, Omega Red, KoYoTae) Johnny Maximum (bbaga, shimon, JudgeSpear). Author: BloodAce001 Keywords: Morrigan Lilith Johnny Maximum MUGEN Team Hanshi BloodAce001 ...
samurai showdown characters requests
Hello I am requesting Kazuki by Montana, and Gaoh by Shimon . I am trying to get all the mugen characters with fatalities or death blows. thanks alot this site rocks. my email is