Shishio Mugen Char

(speedy)mugen: Kaname(me) vs Shishio

And yes, I play as someone else. After seeing Warner's Shishio on the unrequestable list at mugen-infantry a while back, I decided to find out why. and it turns out that Warner's Shishio is basicly a sprite rap of Kaname! or shin kaname ameri or one of those 2, basicly the same concept as Warner's wario. Shishio has almost the same attacks as Kaname. Shishio's sword rush special is the...

MvC Unknown (me) vs Wolverine 71113

Who'd think that this opponent would give me lots of trouble with Unknown? Well, it's a fact. I cannot stand Wolverine 71113, I seriously loathe this character a lot (no offense, Barrysun). He's a horrible example of a good Marvel vs Capcom character. Basically Wolverine 71113 takes everything from MvC and amplifies it to an unfair point. This guy has cheapness, however, and taking a closer...

Ayu Tsukimiya (me) vs Shishio Makoto

Anime crossover? You can say it pretty much. Ayu Tsukimiya takes on the last and most powerful villain of Rurouni Kenshin, Shishio Makoto by Warner. Keep in mind this is the old Shishio, far cheaper than the new Shishio updated by @ndroid. We alreay have two Rurouni Kenshin characters being very cheap plus I have a third Kenshin character that is quite cheap himself that I will show in...

(speedy)mugen: Mai(me) vs Setsuna Sakurazaki

Yes, I play as Mai By Kuri. Even though she has a cheap AI, in the hands of a human she is a good character. I tried playing as Nachel's Mai but she seems to hard to control, but this mai seems easier to control.

I decided to fight the updated version of Drowin's Setsuna. She is a little bit less cheap but still broken in many ways. The good things are that she doesn't heal to full when...

(speedy)mugen: Cheapest sword characters ever?

After some testing these characters are the cheapest among sword characters that I know of and have. Also Warner's Shishio is NOT cheap enough. This is an AI battle.

Mai(kuri)- Cheap speed, cheap AI, lots of strikers, etc

Setsuna-old version-(Drowin)- Combo crazy AI, has a cheap mode that is just as bad or worse than Isabeau. She can even beat Warner's Shishio WITHOUT going into cheap...

Mugen: Team Kenshin vs Team Shishio-sama


title mislead ^^
Kenshin Himura
Sanosuke Sagara
Makoto Shishio
Shinnosuke Kagami (not a kenshin character)

Aoshi and Kenshin VS Shishio and Soujiro

Rouronin Kenshin characters on an all out battle 2 on 2 good vs bad PART 1

Unfulfilled/Unclaimed Prompts from Round II (July 16th thru July 31st)
Rurouni Kenshin, Himura Kenshin/Shishio Makoto: Alpha dogs having a standoff, finding out that assassins in fact never do let go of their swords - In which Kenshin met his successor before the war's end. ...