Your Love is King -- Elizabeth's Point of View

Video I made based on Elizabeth's point
of view on her feelings for Jason.

Clips:Look after You,, and Specific Hospital.

Song by: Sade

Love is a Matter Of Distance -- Jason's Point Of View

Video I made based on Jason's
point of view on his realationship
with Liz.

Clips: Look after You,, and Specific Hospital

Song by: Will Young

Nikolas and Emily: Girlfriend

This one goes out to Beth.
Emily, you know you're the one. Fishfood, don't let the wave hit ya. :-)

Nikolas and Emily need a story! Call, write and support romance on soaps!
GH needs an overhaul!

Clips courtesy of NikEmilyLover from AMF, and

Christian & Sarah OLTL

Christian & Sarah video.
I think they are hot together and have amazing chemistry. xD

song; cherry pie by warrant

Lulu and Logan- Slide

This is a video i made about Lulu and Logan from ABC's General Hospital. The song is called "Slide" by The Goo Goo Dolls. This is like my 8th music video and i think i am getting better at making i hope you like it and i would like it if you commented and told me what you think..thanks

All content does NOT belong to me...all clips belong to

Eppy 6 Part 1 hts

Episode 6 Visions of Truth

Part 1
Dean and Peyton are now married plus Brooke has a brother, Chris. Haley tells Sam that Taylor is a demon and Clark and Lex fight. Brooke says good bye to Sam as she leaves to head home to her real family. Clark's dad gives him strange news. Brooke can't take leaving Sam and she gets very unhappy.

credits: True love, Izzy from somethingmor...

hts eppy 6 part 3

Episode 6 Visions of Truth
Part 3
Dean wakes up after a strange
run in with Taylor. Clark knows
he has to leave if he wants to
protect his friends but Lana can't
let him go. Clark puts a ring on that
Lex has just cursed.
credits: True love, Izzy from Lara and me Disclaimer: The Warner Brothers own these shows that air on the CW. I'm only having...

Does anyone know any other clip sites besides: Because I just went there and they have changed their way of putting up clips and it took me over 3 minutes just to get a clip "buffered"! So I didn't even bother watching it. I LOVED that site and I LOVED the way ...
Sad But True ~ A Todd & Blair Trailer
User: wildheartloser :::: Favorites. Description:. Was gonna to be a Mvid turned it into a trailer instead. =] Credit to : - Anne - Izzie [] - RH Factor - No copyright Infringement Intended. ...
Smallville: HeadStrong
Video done by: Lauren Lee(Laur17) Clips courtesy of Isabelle A. from General smallville season 6 video. Song is by Trapt. Author: laur17 Keywords: Smallville Clark Lois Chloe Lana Lex Action Added: May 19, 2007.