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Avril Lavigne In Sex Tape Scandal? - Post Chronicle

Avril Lavigne In Sex Tape Scandal?
Post Chronicle - Aug 25, 2007
It is mostly available via bit torrent and while it could be Avril, there is no real way to tell. The shot is from the back and the girl is of the same ...
Tifa & Cloud (best couple ever)-Your guardian angel (lyrics)

Cloud sings his heart out to Tifa, that she is his guardian angel, while looking back at some pictures from the past. He tells her that he needs her as he goes through all the hard times. He says that he will protect her with all his life, since she protected him.
Song: Your Guardian Angel
Artist: the Red Jumpsuit apparatus
Tifa (sings in the end)-
Song: When You're Gone

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Tooru x Yuujirou - Girlfriend

Sooo. TooruxYuujirou AMV, yay!
My first PuriPuri AMV, in fact.
When I first listened to this song, I thought, "OH, HOW STUPID IT IS, BUT THE LYRICS FIT A LOT OF CHARACTERS". Then... I thought it was perfect for "girly" Yuujirou and Tooru, when you include his obsessive cousin.
Plus, I love this pairing. One of my favorite pairings ever! n_n

I'll spoil it for you. Yuujirou wins. As always....

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Late Show w/ David Letterman 09/05/07 - Danny DeVito, Larry David ...
Late Show w/ David Letterman, 05 September 2007, ep #2809 guest: Danny DeVito, Larry David, Avril Lavigne http://www.cbs.com/latenight/lateshow/wahoo/ --- 624x352 avi xvid mp3; 350MB; 43:26 runtime; hdtv source.
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