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Joe Rotto vs Tom Cruise

Joe Rotto talking with Tom Cruise

Friends Ross has herps

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naruto raw and uncut 2/4

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cartoon KAT-TUN 2007-09-05 part 3

part 3 of 4

urdu cartoon

popey mast say lolz

Re: Going Places (1948) (Cartoon)

Video Cam Direct Upload

cartoon KAT-TUN 2007-09-05 part 4

part 4 of 4

Cartoon Capture 2002 Siggraph video on YouTube
"Cartoon capture transforms a digitized cartoon into a motion capture representation. Using key-shape based deformation spaces, cartoon capture automatically tracks non-rigid shape changes in cartoon layers. ...
Cartoon Network New Media Invites Kids to Rule After School with ...
September 04, 2007 -- Just in time to take some of the sting out of back-to-school season, Cartoon Network New Media launches the 15-week first season of Master Control on Sept. 24. Master Control is an unprecedented multiplatform ...
Ben Zurawski’s Flipbooks
So you’re a 23-year-old unknown animator and you’d like your work seen by millions of people on national TV. How do you do it? For Detroit-based artist Ben Zurawski, it was as simple as drawing some flipbooks and posting them onto ...
Paul Combs, Tribune Media Services
Cartoon by Paul Combs KEYWORDS: Paul Combs, Cartoon,Editorial Cartoon,Political Cartoon,Cartoons,Political Cartoons,Editorial Cartoons,Editorial Cartoonist,Political Cartoonist,Humor,Political Humor,Politics,Politician,Current … ...
Art World Cartoon Gallery We Hardly Knew Ye
Per one of the commenters, the cool looking Art World Cartoon Gallery sign that I saw yesterday - it was from 1960 and is being painted over. The place will actually be women's accessory shop. Hard to get happy after that one.
Bozo’s furniture
PS Forget about the Disney furniture collection. This Saturday you can bid on Bozo’s personal furnishings. The property of Larry Harmon (aka Bozo the Clown) is being auctioned off in New York by Tepper Galleries (click on the Sept. ...
See You In The Funny Papers! (Cartoon Character Photo-Chop Blog)
SEE YOU IN THE FUNNY PAPERS! I am now taking requests to turn you or anyone you know into a cartoon character. This can be from any cartoon, either from the Sunday comics,Television,the ...
Woody Woodpecker and Friends Classic Cartoon Collection - DVD
THE WOODY WOODPECKER AND FRIENDS CLASSIC CARTOON COLLECTION is a three-volume set that also includes more vintage laugh riots from Lantz such as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Swing Symphony, and Cartune Classic 'Toons. ...
Newspaper Cartoon Depicts Iran As Sewer And Iranians As Roaches ...
Newspaper cartoon depicts Iran as a sewer and Iranians as roaches. Wonder if they think we should "raid" Iran?
Opinion: A cartoon is a cartoon
Cartoon lunacy has returned once again with the usual menu of outrage, effigy-burning, hurt feelings and apologies.
New Cartoon- Wolf Blitzer Asks "Is the Surge Working?"
Hey everyone, hope you enjoy today's cartoon!
Mixing Up Blogs & Blog Posts
Well, I use exactly the same software at the Search Engine Roundtable that I use at Cartoon Barry and that I use at Search Engine Land. It is all Movable Type blogging software, all with the same backend. So it can look a bit the same ...
The Los Angeles Animation Festival
For 2 days in October, Hollywood gets its first animation festival in over five years - The Los Angeles Animation Festival (Oct.20-21 2007) at the Silent Movie Theatre (611 N. Fairfax Ave., near Melrose Ave., in Los Angeles). ...
Plastic Man Pilot for Cartoon Network?
Watch it on Addicting Clips, since the embedding doesn't want to work. Visually it reminds me of Kyle Baker meets Ren Stimpy, but contextually it's more along the lines of Freakazoid. But my question is who is this marketed towards? ...
Toy based on a movie based on a cartoon based on a toy
I've mentioned before I have an unhealthy obsession with Transformers, mostly Optimus prime, and can I just say I'm jazzed by these Leaked Prototype images. Even Megatron looks fairly badass this way.
Sweden: cartoon row quells
Following what seemed to shape like a new Mohammed cartoon controversy, the Swedish Muslims called off a demonstration yesterday, after convincing talks with the Swedish prime minister.
IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUESTED: (As always, be POLITE.) Send polite comments about this Nazi-style cartoon depicting Iranians as roaches fleeing a sewer to:, COPY TO:
Comment on Cartoon: Fighting Global Warming by nobody.really
Nice cartoon. Like the language changes. Like the changes in the final panel’s background, but now I’d recommend eliminating the rest of the 2d-story window. I agree with Rich B; individual action to “save the planet” is like people not ...
A cartoon by Dave Itzkoff
Our story begins: George W. was a happy little monkey. He lived on an estate in Texas without a care in the world. The author of this cartoon is Dave Itzkoff. The cartoon originally appeared in Maxim in Oct/Sept of 2000 ...
A God's Lament (cartoon)
Some said the world should be in Perl, some said in Lisp (with apologies to Robert Frost)