Dark Mai Mugen

Shinryu Mugen Special: Metool pwnz cheapies

Yup, you read it right. Since Kamek isn't doing the Metoo pwnz cheapies series any more, I've decided to take his place for it. I'll just pwn some cheapies he either didn't have or forgot about.

Stage: Megamman X - Future Highway
BGM: Virus Busting EXE 2 Style

And today's four cheapies are......

Neo Sonic (Midnight Spirit and Trial Force)
He has cheap boss AI set to default. His kunckles...

Isabeau vs Neo Dark Mai

Isabeau vs Neo Dark Mai
two of my favorite female fighters, hope you like it. enjoy!

Mugen: Arcueid Team Arcade Battle Part 5/5

Shiranui Mai

~ROUND 10~
Shiki Tohno
Shin Eddie

Part 5/5.

aznpikachu215 (Me) playing King of Fighters 2003

This is me playing King of Fighters 2003/2004 Hacked version. This hacked version I can easily play as Kusanagi without using the code. I'm playing on MAME32K.

My team leader is Kusanagi, with Iori, and Kyo, forming team Dark Flames, as you may know from Mugen.

I am playing on 8 Stars

Note: I'm not a professional player, I'm just a decent player who likes to play for fun!

KOF 2003 Tier...

MUGEN: Girl Power

A MUGEN vid I've created showing the most badass chicks performing their most badass attacks. Please enjoy, rate, and comment. ^_^

Characters (in order)
Akiha Vermilion by ‡H
Anita by CAMRAT
Hibiki by Mouser
Sakura by POTS
Kei by Rikard
Shadow Lady by MGMURROW
Arcana Satsuki by Drowin
Morrigan by POTS
Mai Kawasumi by Kuri
Red Arcueid by Toma & Raien Makoto
Annie Murakami...

DK Dark Arc Mugen #21: Mai Kawasumi

Dark Arc's next opponent is Mai Kawasumi by Nachel.

She seems just like a decent AI fighter at first however after beating her she activates her temporary Super Armour and gains access to her desperation move. One thing I did seem to discover(not shown here) is that her Super Armour doesn't seem to make her immune to Last Arcs.

Enjoy. ^_^

Demon Hunter Mai and the Cheap Busters Episode 12

Well, my series has finally returned after a good wait so all you fans of my cheap busting series will not be disappointed. In fact this is a very special edition of the series as Episode 12 will feature a very special guest thanks to Shinryuu82, Dark Shinryu. This is a HSR's Shinryu editted by Shinryuu82 himself and has some modifications, mainly to his stats. Since this is a completely...

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