Download Mugen Evil Ryu

Soundpack Showoff

Showing off two custom soundpacks, now available for download: Evil Ryu's silly soundpack and Tetsu's Laharl voicepack.

You can get them at my website:

MJF Team Battles: PLAZA

plaza Team:
shiki nanaya And Evil Kyo
MugenJF Team:
Destrudo Ryu And Cyclop
If you want to plat vs my team send me a messaje with the name of your team and the name of the chars you want to see fight. if i dont have some character upload the chars in sendspace and sendme the download link
for a message

SVC Sagat (Mouser) VS Yuuki (Luchini)

Sagat is uber cool, I find this version odd for me because of it's SNK style play and shorter animations then it's traditional self. I was lucky that at my first tiem playing him I actualy beat Yuuki, a character I have trouble beating at all. As you saw me play, you can practicly tell I was tryign to do a low fireball and going "huh" each time as I didn't realize that the SNK gameplay...


Mugen fights download char here


boss sagat
mecha sagat

i know at the end credits it says
dark chunli and orchid but the fight aint there.. thas cuz i had to make the file smaller check out the full verion and get orchid, mecha saget, and evil ryu char links are provided there

i will...

Mugen: Inuyasha Vs. Dragon Ken

Well, here is another mugen video with me (inuyasha) ageist Dragon Ken. Dragon ken is rare, and if you want here is a download link for both of the characters:


Dragon Ken:

I won becouse i got lucky, my hyper hit on the second round.

Dragon ken is a very cheap character, he always has full power bar or what ever that bar is...

Deep Mugen Team Challenge #2

Rest of title: Roundhousekickers(characters listed in intro) vs 4 Straider Hiens.

Mugen video number 22.

Chosen Ken by Chosen01 is available at

Ryu is still available.

Tetsu seems no longer beeing available to download. Please request.

Get the newest Version of Reiko here:
(I love it. :3)

Darkflare fails at Mugen: Dream Bison/Balrog (Cannon Musume)

Stage: Death Valley(MSHvsSF)
BGM: Balrog's theme(Capcom generation remix)

Tornado Upper! Tornado Upper! Tornado Upper! Tornado Upper! Tornado Upper! Tornado Upper! Tornado Upper! Tornado Upper!


Why Len? Let's look at D.F's list of Characters used so far:

W. Len: Rush attack + massive combo damage + running straight into w.Len Super = Destruction.
Shin Akuma: Aerial double...

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Evil Ryu Mugen Downloads
Mugen video number 22. Chosen Ken by Chosen01 is available at Ryu is still available. Tetsu seems no longer beeing available to download. Please request. ...
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Go Kyo! and Ryu! Next Location is... lilAzNAJ13's Mugen Select Screen Song #1 KOF 2003 - Title (Arranged) Song #2 Street Fighter Alpha 2 - Ryu's Theme Song #3 KOF 2003 (Arranged) - Kyoku-Gen Song #4 Colors For Extreme - DDRX Download ...
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Seropose ::: Favorites The only rare characters here are God Orochi, Orochi Chris, Orochi, Mini Spawn, God Ryu, and CVS Evil Ken... And those six arent THAT rare... 07-08-16 20:02:20 ...
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