God Rugal Mugen

AR MUGEN Battle #69: Team Gruppo Reale VS The Jade Dragons

Yoma-Chan and Zeeky takes on the God Rugal, The final boss of CvS anlongside Reimu Hakurei

Ayu Tsukimiya (me) vs Rugal Berstein

Requested by Tridaggerx.

The Uguu-a-Thon continues as Ayu meets Rugal Berstein, the common and most popular boss character from the King of Fighters series, by Mr. X-File.

He is nowhere as cheesey as God Rugal but he is far from being a pushover as well. His AI is pretty shifty as he switches from very aggressive to being passive at times so without a proper defense in your offense...

Mugen: Athena vs God Rugal

God Rugal is tough, but able to be taken down with some patience. I've fought him quite a bit when he used to be my final boss in my mugen. He isn't anymore though, so I haven't played against him lately.

Mugen Team DevilMatrix vs Rugal & God Rugal (Remake)

This is the remake version of my other one. the same stage and opponents but this is actually a test video for my new video recorder. plz comment

Shin Gouki Vs. God Rugal

An exhibition round against god rugal...lost all three rounds unfortunately

Mugen Team DevilMatrix vs Rugal & God Rugal

Plz watch its a crazy battle!!!!
My Team:
Sion Tatari
Red Arcueid
A video to test my team's power against these tough opponents. yes they are all wearing red. why? i dont know.

Too Fat, Too Furious: Fat Albert(me) Vs. Shin Geese 2

Fat Albert woke up at 1AM in the Inn, and decides to have a midnight snack at the shack outside. As he walks from the Inn and to the shack, Geese suddenly appeared from nowhere and step right in front of Fat Albert.
"Hungry?" asks Geese.
"Oh, I remember you, I've defeated you like last time," said Fat Albert. "I'm just gonna get myself a midnight snack."
"Your not going anywhere until we...

god rugal mugen download
mugen kamek downloadStage: Labratory By Chok BGM: Machinae Supremacy - March of the Undead 2 Mech Rugal is quite possibly the toughest Rugal made for Mugen. He's even cheaper than Warusaki3's God Rugal! Mech Rugal. ...
God Rugal Mirror Match (Warusaki3 vs. LotF) Part 2 - Lost Videos
God Rugals are made by Warusaki3 and Lord of the Flies. Both are online. Stage - GGXXS Fresno (ABA) BGM - Keep in Gates - GGXX soundtrack. Keywords: God Ultimate Rugal mugen warusaki3 LotF acewonder Added: July 14, 2007 ...
Mugen Mech Rugal
Mugen: God Mizuchi vs. Mech Rugal & God Adel enjoy with God Mizuchi ! MUGEN-M Rugal vs Slash Beast,E Ken,E Ryu and Sephiroth Another MUGEN Battle [TempesT MUGEN] God Rugal Vs Mech Rugal + Shinkuu HadoParry God Rugal by Lord Of The Flies ...
Sayuri Kurata (me) vs CvS God Rugal
Her Attack Cancel has it's own sound now and Sayuri even has 3 win poses (thoughh you will only see... Author: Ampchu Keywords: sayuri kurata god rugal burstein eternal fighter zero efz kanon king of fighters mugen ...
Re: List of Characters with AI.
From the non-listed chars I have/had Warusaki3 : -Rock -Geese -Rugal -God Rugal -Gouki -Ryu -Ken -Vega -Sakura -Ryo -Dan -Vice -Haohmaru -Hibiki GM : -Ken (3rd palette for hard/Daigo mode) -Terry YongMing : -Goenitz (must be activated) ...
Re: god rugal by warusaki
Quote from: omegadevil164 on Today at 06:01:48 AM. thx for ur help. np bub.
SV Mugen Tournament 4: Bonus Fight
Lightnix Ella - Shadow Dio - God Rugal vs "Banned lol" - TimberWolf Marco - Ryu - Saber Zero. Technorati: ecoreck ella godrugal lightnixxx marco mugen saber sf3ryu shadowdio sonic timberwold tournament vegemite zero.
[Mugen]Shin Akuma (Me) vs God Rugal
enjoy. Author: plaza24 Keywords: mugen god orochi boss rugal omega metallica fight scorpion jin michael jackson shin gouki akuma Added: April 3, 2007.
AR MUGEN Battle #33: Yoma Komatsu VS Cheap Characters #9
Marvin & Vega gets revenge on Dyan Silva & Sailor Moon by hiring Apocalypse. Author: Matthew123678 Keywords: Yoma Komatsu VS Cheap Characters MUGEN Zeeky H Bomb Adolf Hitler Orochi Omega Rugal Bernstein Broli King of Fighters SNK ...
san goku mugen char
Johnny Maximum squares off against four of the most famous characters from the King of Fighters series: Kyo Kusanagi (Beppu), Iori Yagami (Beppu), Krizalid (Nyankoro), and God Rugal (@ndroide). This video also premieres my brand new ...
Mugen: Sailor Scouts Conquer ALL! Part #8
We are coming close to an end...and with only a few fighters left in their mission to rid Mugen of the evil, sweating pigs they are psyched up for what lies ahead. Next up is God Rugal and Gill. Notice that Gill calls upon his "Once per ...
[TempesT MUGEN] Team TempesT Vs Team PotS
Team TempesT (ME) God Rugal by Lord Of The Flies Ken by GM Tetsu Yatogi by XCB Kim Kaphwan by LegendaryXM90 VS Team PotS (CPU) Karin by PotS Ryu by PotS Dan Hibiki by PotS Shin Gouki by PotS Health Settings: Default: 150% Team: 150% The ...
Ayu Tsukimiya (me) vs Rugal Berstein
The Uguu-a-Thon continues as Ayu meets Rugal Berstein, the common and most popular boss character from the King of Fighters series, by Mr. X-File. He is nowhere as cheesey as God Rugal but he is far from being a pushover as well. ...
Mugen Video #1
I limit myself to a lvl 3 powerbar so basically... These are realistic combos that anyone can do. Enjoy! Author: mattvang13 Keywords: mugen combo video vega god rugal gouki shin juggernaut blackheart ghostrider wonder woman cammy capcom ...
God Rugal vs Gill
The most powerful characters. Who will win?! The Ultimate fighter of SF3 or the i… Author: ResistantGrim Keywords: Mugen God Rugal Gill Fight Added: April 29, 2007.
god orochi mugen
God Orochi vs Broli cabezonpiojoso THE GODS BATTLE god orochi, god rugal vs god adel, god silver, a great battle of the best gods and my personal favorite. AR MUGEN Battle #31: Yoma Komatsu VS Cheap Characters #8 Naruto heard that ...
Team DK Initiation: Diablo
... Rage so as soon as I discovered he was out for mugen he had to become part of my team. ^_^ For his initation he has to defeat Secretary God Rugal which isn't an easy task but Diablo pulls through with the help of his fireballs, ...
EPIC Edward Trusdale gameplay footage
Keywords: Edward Trusdale mugen Boss Sagat Nega Joe M. Bison Vega Akuma Gouki God Rugal Kamekaze Added: Sun, 12 Aug 2007 17:47:12 GMT. Video codes to display this video on your website! <table border=0 cellpadding=0 ...
Team LoveLust #11: Team bowser369
Challengers are God Rugal and Ogre. Regina: Well count me in for this one since they both sound agressive. Sakura: I'm in this one too. Leela: Knock yourself out. Team bowser369 is brand new yet this team consist of monsters, machines, ...
TOS Mugen: Eggman Super Sudden Death Survival!
... Espio Broli Juggernaut Jigglypuff Kirby Homer Simpson Ryu Super Luigi And loses to: God Rugal It's a good laugh, I might try this again. Author: ThornsOfSerenity Keywords: TOS MUGEN Super Sudden Death Eggman Stupid Little Drill Tank ...