Homer Simpson Mugen

JS MUGEN Predator Hunt #40: Team Most_Mysterious

Team Raiden Fighters President Homer Simpson notified Predator of a serious problem. One of Predator's old opponents has regrouped with his criminal organization. Omega Tiger Woods has gotten two of his top assassins and his boss to formulate an attack on the Team Raiden Fighters headquarters. The two assasins have been identified as Dooby Dummy and Dink Smallwood. The head kingpin has...

WKmugen: Homer Vs Peter

my first mugen video ever!
homer vs. peter(Simpson version)
really good fight

Mugen LF44 Underdog 1# Cartoon Duel

My First Improve Video Of Mugen Got Better Screenpack And There A Lot Less Lagg Thanks To Hypercam Better Than Snagit When It Come To Lagg And My Computer

My First Video Using Underdog He Easy To Use So I Did Good With For The First Time Using Him

So It Is 4 Underdogs Vs Homer Simpson,Kursty The Clown, Peter Griffen And Omega Tiger Woods And Now Lets Find Out Who Better Man Or Dog


Mugen: Ryu Vs. Homer Simpson

I video of me kicking homer's ass. Even though he kicked mine the first round, i owned him the next two rounds :D

1) System of a down - Hypnotize


Luigio Homer Match #10: vs Juggernaut

I've decided to revamp my Team Luigio System. Now each fighter will have their own special intro, similar to many other MUGEN Tubers. This is Homer's intro, and I may change it depending on the reactions I get. In this match, I take on Juggernaut by Splode.

Splode is known for his various Capcom creations that offer high comboing and aggressive AI. Juggernaut is a difficult opponent...

homer must die!!!

this is to show how much i hate homer

Team Ultima Strikers Vs. Team Blaze

On the Left is:

Team Ultima Strikers (Ultimario)

Homer Simpson (by JS)
Super Mario (by Shin Ryoga)
Yoma Komatsu


On the Left is:

Team Blaze (KurisuBlaze)

MegaMan EXE

MUGEN AS1: Homer Simpson(Me) Vs Super Luigi
THIS GAME IS CALLED MUGEN! FREAKIN GOOGLE IT! Character's (C) Fox, Nintendo. Background (C) The Simpsons House. Music (C) The Simpsons Theme Song. Author: ASHAKI1 Keywords: MUGEN Homer The Simpsons Vs Luigi Nintendo Fox ...
MUGEN Cartoon Brawl #3: Homer J Simpson & Luigi Vs Mario ...
Background (C) The Simpson's House. Music (C) The Simpson's Theme Song. The Simpson's Movie Theme Song. Author: ASHAKI1 Keywords: MUGEN Homer The Simpsons Luigi Mario Bros Nintendo Super Mario Bros Spongebob Squarepants Nickeloedeon ...
MUGEN AS1 Brawl: Super Mario And Homer J Simpson Vs Super Luigi ...
This was just a funny MUGEN match I recorded. Character's (C) Nintendo, Fox, Nintendo, Cartoon Network. Music (C) The Legend Of Zelda Wind Waker: Ganondorf Boss Battle. Author: ASHAKI1 Keywords: MUGEN Mario Homer The Simpsons Nintendo ...
DW Mugen: Ryu joins the team!!!
Keywords: Mugen Characters Battle Capcom Ryu Homer Simpson Fighting Added: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 05:46:07 GMT. Video codes to display this video on your website! <table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0><tr><td align=center><embed ...
Mustkillroy MUGEN-Mania 75: Homer Simpson vs Donovan
Mustkillroy MUGEN-Mania 75: Homer Simpson vs Donovan. Author: Mustkillroy Keywords: Mustkillroy MUGEN-Mania 75: Homer Simpson vs Donovan Added: August 25, 2007.
MUGEN AS1: Homer Simpson Vs Fred Flinstone
FREAKIN GOOGLE IT! Enjoy! Character's (C) Fox, Hanna-Barbera. Music (C) Unstable World From Sonic Adventure Ready 2 Battle. Author: ASHAKI1 Keywords: MUGEN Homer The Simpson's Homero Warner Fred Flinstone Los Picapiedra ...
MUGEN AS1: Homer Simpson(Me) & Krusty Vs Peter & Leela
Background (C) The Simpson's House. Music (C) The Simpson's Techno Remix. Author: ASHAKI1 Keywords: MUGEN ashaki1 engine's Homer Simpson Krusty The Clown Peter Griffin Family Guy Leela Futurama Fox Added: Fri, 17 Aug 2007 04:31:00 GMT.
Homer Simpson VS Peter Grifin MUGEN
Homer Simpson VS Peter Grifin MUGEN Homer (Spanish) http://www.mugenhistory.com/ homer (English) http://www.jsmugen.net/ stage:sabrebwll music:oslaunght theme Author: zurdok401 Keywords: homer simpson peter grifin mugen Added: August 11 ...
goku i vegeta vs homer simpson i peter griffin (MUGEN)
lucha de mugen entre goku i vegeta vs homer simpson i peter griffin mola mirarlo mola un huevo XD Author: RAYMANCAMPEON Keywords: goku i vegeta vs homer simpson peter griffin mugen lucha Added: August 3, 2007.
Mustkillroy MUGEN-Mania 39: Homer Simpson vs Homer Simpson
At this point, I think I can consider Homer a potential applicant. Hell, I already play him better than... Author: Mustkillroy Keywords: Mustkillroy MUGEN Mania 39 Homer Simpson Warner H'' JudgeSpear BBHood217 GigaBowserX Kingshadow3 ...
Darkflare fails at Mugen: Homer Simpson (Warner/Judgespear)
Stage: Level Ate BGM: Level Ate Conditions: DF controlled Homer cannot use Supers or EX moves. The newest version of Homer is out and I couldn't wait to try out it's brutal AI. Unfortunately, it may have been lost during JS's updates, ...
MUGEN - Peter Griffin Vs. Homer Simpson
Most of my [PERSON] VERSUS [PERSON] will be in Watch Mode. yes WATCH MODE. I have also yet to get better music to listen to to make my fight videos more enjoyable. Author: ToPxMuGeN Keywords: mugen homer versus vs vs. petergriffin peter ...
Re: JS Homer Simpson UPDATED TO v2.1! (Warner's authorization)
Quote from: Judge_Spear on Today at 09:18:01 pm. JS Homer Simpson updated to v2.2! Alternate download link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/dkg7fi v2.2 (August 8, 2007) - FIXED: Thanks to BBHood217's help, the Road Roller D...
MUGEN AS1 Special #17: Homer Simpson(Me) Vs Naruto-Kun
Characters (C) Fox, Shonen Jump Music (C) From Music (C): MegaMan ZX (DS) Intro Music (C) We Taking OVer- By DJ Khaled Author: ASHAKI1 Keywords: MUGEN ashaki1 games engines Homer The Simpsons Fox Vs Naruto Shonen Jump MegaMan ZX (DS) ...
MUGEN AS1: Homer Simpson Vs Leela
Character's (C) Fox, Fox. Background (C) Planet Express Ship Music (C) F-Zero Grand Prix.Mute City (more). Author: ASHAKI1 Keywords: MUGEN ashaki 1 The Simpson's Vs Futurama Homer Leela Matt Groening Added: Fri, 17 Aug 2007 02:12:22 GMT.
homer simpson mugen character download
JS Homer-MUGEN #37: Peter Griffin Get Homer Simpson and MvC Peter Griffin at: http://www.jsmugen.net/ (Go to the Hosted MUGEN Creations section) This video is a recording of MUGEN, a 2D fighting game engine for the PC. Simpsons vs. ...
download homer simpson character mugen
MUGEN AS1 All-Stars #2: Homer Simpson(Me) Vs Super Mario READ THIS DESCRIPTION PEOPLE!!! Im new to making this video. Plz rate and comment it. Second: Im starting to get dumb questions on what this is and dumb comments on my other vid ...
homer simpson download for mugen
Peter Griffin VS Homer Simpson The epic battle of all times. I played as Peter =) Everyone has been asking me to upload this game and I did. To download this game go here http://www.megaupload.com/?d=N2IK9SEL the only problem is that ...
Taiki MUGEN Tournament - Preliminary 6 Green Ranger v Homer
The preliminary rounds will go like this: Renamon(L) vs Blaziken(W) Pingu(L) vs Sub Zero(W) Chomper(W) vs SSJ Goku(L) Peter Griffin(L) vs Batista(W) Metool(L) vs Diablo(W) Green Ranger vs Homer Simpson WereGarurumon vs Naruto Uzumaki ...
FK MUGEN: Kanna (Me) vs. Homer Simpson (Brutal AI lol)
Our cute adorable angel takes on Homer Simpson. You know the drill here. Also thanks to Ampchu for telling me something... You'll see at the end... Second Round: Pure unadulterated ownage. Author: Floofiekun Keywords: MUGEN Kanna vs. ...