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LM MUGEN: REVENGE on Team Electro-Renegades!

I asked my friend Pikawil64 to do a team battle against my team, and he sure pwned my team good, so to speak. So I seek revenge on my loss and challenge him again, bringing this to a draw...now that I think of it, it's kinda pointless...

Special thanks goes to Pikawil64 for giving me the links to the stage, BGM, and characters. I owe you big, man!

On team Saikyou we have:

The girl...

GDBF mugen teams: graydarkblinkyfreak vs neokamek

yep yep MD mugen it was already taken so I use gdbf mugen now I hade to admit it was a tough battle if it was dificult battle neokamek will be more difficult vs psychojolteon luigio or judgespear


stages:rouges stage


Ill give you two links fr the sonic characters
1st: http://br.geocities.com/salvaramh/
2ed: http://br.geocities.com/almarcio137

ok future naruto...

Star-X Mugen: Cless's Adventures - The Dark Queen Part 2

See vid for info.

This time around Dark Arc is heavily reduced in stats, and Cless and Xhol get a HUGE boost. Thanks to SILENT MUGEN POWARZ XD

MUGEN Character roster.

My MUGEN character roster.
All of these characters are requestable.
If you notice any errors in the character's name or the author's name, please send me a message.
Note: Some of the characters in the description did not appear in the video.

Pocket Akuma by Kong.
Amy Rose by MUGEN Hunter
Bark by MUGEN Hunter.
Bean by MUGEN Hunter.
Big by MUGEN Hunter.
Bio Spark by Di Gi Jared.
Blues by...

My mugen roster 7/31/2007

Update: It appears people are sending me even more friend invites just to get to the characters on my roster. I guess I didn't make myself clear on the last part. You must also meet the requirements on my channel description.

Another note: Like last time, this is not my entire roster.

If you see something on here you want, just tell me and I'll send you the link, or if the character is...

Star-X Mugen: Cless's Adventures - The Dark Queen part 1

See video for info.

And BTW, I made a mistake on balancing. Accidentally gave the two heroes crappy attack and Dark Arc normal attack. Sorry ^_^;

Star-X Mugen: Cless's Adventures - Dooby Dummy Strikes!

See video for info.

Dooby Dummy's stats are a bit lower than the average level 4 char. It's because of his rediculously cheap attacks and AI. This is why the amount of EXP gained is so high compared to the Necos.

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