Koopa Troopa Mugen

SS MUGEN Team Battle Ep.16 - Team GBX(GigaBowserX)

My team is fighting with GigaBowserX's team.GigaBowserX is a one of the moderators of JudgeSpear's MUGEN forum. He made a newest intro for Homer Simpson.
1.Team Insane Power(StavrosSkunk):
- Koopa Troopa
- Super Sailor Moon
2.Team GBX(GigaBowserX):
- Predator Warrior
- Shin Gouki
Matrix Revolution - Final Round
Mona Lisa Overdrive from Matrix Reloaded

AR MUGEN Challenge #19: Princess Peach VS Koopa Troopa

The remake of a Kart Fighter fight I've won. Peach (me) fights Koopa Troopa (AI (Nokonoko in Japan)) in an KF Battle.

MUGEN-o-rama's Koopa Troopa something something!

Mario, your time has come. For the curious, I'm controlling both Koopa Troopas at the same time.

Stage not available yet, because I've still a lot to rip from New Super Mario Bros.

SS Worms MUGEN Ep.13 - Mario's enemies

Why Boggy B not Mario, because Mario is sick. The one of his enemies said to Boggy "YOU SUCK!", so he went to Bowser castle to defeat them.
1.Boggy B(Worm) by Aku MA
2.Mario's enemies:
-Koopa Troopa by LegatoB
-Kamek by NeoKamek
-Wario by Warner
-Bowser by Shazzo
Bowser's castle
Bowser's theme

SS MUGEN Team Battle Ep.12 - Team smashbros2000

My leaders are fighting with the team, which was in HikariChino's tournaments, but this team isn't any champion.
Team Insane Power:
-Boggy B(Worm)
-Super Mario
Team smashbros2000:
-Koopa Troopa
Final Destination
Final Destination

Ryuuketsu Survival Run: Len

I was doing really good in this run, until i ran into an ultra cheapie. its still a fairly good run.


Len (Mugen9)

BG: Bamboo Early winter
BGM: Oriental Beat (Reubenkee)

SS MUGEN Special - Wrath of Mini Mario part.1

I'm playing as Mini Mario for testing, how strong is he. You will se my second palette of Mini Mario in second battle.
These lifebars are from Virtua Fighter 5.
Mini Mario by N64Mario84
Boggy B by Aku Ma
Super Mario and Super Luigi by ShinRyoga
Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury by poshpsylocke
Koopa Troopa by LegatoB
Ryu by Phantom of the Server
1.Future Highway from Megaman...

C.Olimar MUGEN - Veemon vs. Koopa
^_^ Okay, so this is a little battle between Veemon (Made by Tigermask) and Koopa Troopa (Made by Legato B & Titiln). I play as Veemon, and KT is just CPU controlled. I'm not very good at fighting games, as you can probably tell. ...
mugen super luigi super mario download
SS MUGEN - My first MUGEN roster This is my first MUGEN roster. I wanna show my roster everyone. Characters in here: - Kung Fu Man - Super Mario - Super Luigi - Boggy B - Koopa Troopa - SF3 Ryu - Spider-Man - Pocket Ken - Cell Junior ...
mugen super mario character
mugen super luigi super mario downloadSS MUGEN - My first MUGEN roster This is my first MUGEN roster. I wanna show my roster everyone. Characters in here: - Kung Fu Man - Super Mario - Super Luigi - Boggy B - Koopa Troopa - SF3 Ryu ...
marvel vs capcom 2 stages mugen
Capcom 2. These voices had older EVE Battle lifebars. I made the intro for Luigi. Starring: 1.Super Luigi by ShinRyoga and NeOAnKh 2.Team InsanePower(StavrosSkunk): - Great Wario by Warner - Koopa Troopa.
MMS Presents Mugen Match#11: Super Mario vs His Enemies
Super Mario by ShinRyoga and Neo Ankh Koopa Troopa by Legato B & Titiln Joint Great Wario by @ndroide & Warner Kamek by Magikoopa ??? by Claymizer BG: Metal Slug Train Bonus Game Stage by Inverse BGM: SMB2 Song by Chao-Guy ...
Omega VS Master Hand,Cheep-Chomp,Koopa Troopa
The title says it all its a mugen fight made by me. Author: XxScytherBoyxX Keywords: Omega Master Hand Cheep-Chomp Koopa Troopa Added: May 1, 2007.
StH Mugen: Inuyasha vs Team Mario
I think i’ll make a series with Inuyasha once I think of a good story line…anyway I take on team mario which has: Koopa Troopa: I like one of his special but AI is kinda not good Wario:same with Koopa Troopa Princess Toodstool:she has ...
Ryuuketsu Survival Run: Len
Len (Mugen9) BG: Bamboo Early winter BGM: Oriental Beat (Reubenkee). Author: cyanidemaniac Keywords: Len Survival Run Mugen Bamboo Early Winter Johnny Maximum Jam Kyo Kusanagi Koopa Troopa Akuma Evil Ken Added: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 04:36:38 ...
SB2K Krusty-MUGEN #1: New School Lakitu
By the way, here’sa new MUGEN series you will laugh your pants out. It’s called “Krusty-MUGEN” Krusty first match is the New School Lakitu. Stage BG-Royal Battlefield (Mario & Wario) BGM-Koopa Troopa Beach (Mario Kart 64) ...