Mario Parther

Mugen:The Battle of The Ken Clones

This is where the story where Shishio and his parther best friend Mario, both member of Team Favic's, since they lost by anna3 guidan enemy people character, they decied to go to New York and think about this, oh when you see the begining the music its from BomberMan 64, my favortie n64.. althought they decied to fight again the Ken Clones, this is more better off with DragonClaw and with...

Mario(me) vs. Makoto Shishio(Al normal cheap)

This is where the story, where Mario and Shishio were parther, two member of Team Favic's, althought i used to rememeber this character, Shishio from Ruroini Kenshin, since 3 year ago, watching Cartoon Network, that used to be my favorite anime series, but after for two year along going to the Interenet, and for one year, i was good playing at mugen, but i suck at it so much, i ruled kicking...

Mugen: The Battle of Sephiroth-chan

This was got inspried by Anna3 Vegeta n Urano vs. Shishio and the Bride(The Kill Bill)the movies that i hates... anyway Shishio a memeber of Sworder Teams and Team Favic's, althought this is my last mugen video, and i got back into the 2003 mugen screenpack, yeah it sux.. i sux at doing this video.. anyway ScreenCapture got no volu and sound, althought, their is no sound.. :( anyway, that...

MPT: Team Favic vs. Team PanicPalmTree#8

A mugen team battle with my teams vs. Teams PPT, didnt put Dopefish and Chomper, oh well.. watch and see in the first time, oh well.. this isnt popluar i only did it with Window Movie Maker..
And feature of Flynn from Doom, what i hate the series for and incluindg character what i remember Master Hand..

oh well enjoy..


MPT: Team Favic vs. Reun Teams Part.1#??

I decied to take a match Reun Teams the worst mugen teams of all, one of the favorite mugen teams.. here is the story for it, for later..

Story Note:
DragonClaw: It been long time, Ryu and Ken..
Evil Ken: You were member of Reun Teams, how you could, you are a weak normal cheap mugen person fighter,and i remember you defeating your butt..
DragonClaw: No match, these guy are tough cheap...

MPT:The Fire Lawer vs. Mike Tyson

Lol.. :(

He alway pwend mine ass, everytime... :(
He even pwend my favorite mugen couple such as Sephy and Mercury... and including my friend mugen teams the cheater cheaper teams the 4...
however many people such as NeoKamek, and GhostSonic(my friend), including my BarrySun, give this guy Mikey, that he is the tough mugen fighter.... himself from Punch Out... and yeah he pwend the The...

Mugen: Frieza is the Best Mugen Fighters!!! Part.1

Now is the time for Frizea for a revenge fight!!
He also want revenge on Goku and UnderDog including his Nenemy the Green Ranger, now he also capture Vegata... When Goku meet Frizea, to see who is the best.. and resure Vegata!
Now he Frieza is'nt cheap, and also dont know why they ask me, he is not cheap...?
Frieza is one of normal mugen character of all time, now Frieza want revenge on...

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