Mb-02 Mugen


Witness some of the worst characters ever made going for the gold.

Lucius Mugen: Lost Time Part 5: Ice Evil Ken vs MB-02

Ice Ken: No signal here at all...what happen to him?

???: I FINALLY FOUND YOU KEN!!!...O...its just your Ice self...

Ice Ken: That better not be you Sagat...

MB-02: Oh but it is...its just that i found the wrong target...wheres your other self.

Ice Ken: Non of your business...what are you doing here.

MB-02: Only to destroy your other self...but I guess you would be a warm-up before...

Mugen Experiment Special: Metool(me) vs. Sagat MB-02

Stage: Mr. Game and Watch Stage
BGM: Mr. Game and Watch.mp3

I play as metool to fight a very cheap character named Sagat MB-02.Here's my opinions on Sagat MB-02.

if anyone knows how to take off those words on the battle screen, please leave a comment, and also if anyone wants to request a fighting request, then send a message to me.

BradRy MUGEN Hisame Shizumaru vs MB-02

Not so perfect anymore are you!

Perfect Weapon MB-02 (full name)
Another O Illusionata creation takes Sagat sprites and edits them to where he isn't really Sagat anymore. What I found amazing is that he counters out of combos or multi-hit super attacks. So playing defensive was a must for me. Although he is aggressive I barely got away in the last round.

Lucius' Mugen Special: The Spell That Connects Commands

It looks like Holy Ken needs help saving his world. So I sent Thunder Ryu to give him a hand.

It looks like M. Bison (Sevil Nahte)
and MB-02 are trying to destroy his place.

Then Bison sees Thunder Evil Ryu and Holy Ken and immediately casts a psycho power spell on both of them.

Bison: If you want to defeat us you will have to get used to the spell!!

Lucius appears behind Holy Ken and...

UF Mugen Cheapo assassins Battle #11

The newest cheapo assassins battle. I say I'm getting good at making mugen vids! XP Some that have seen my older vids will notice how primitive they are, a little crappy, I'm willing to admit. Well, enjoy this new batch of cheapo elimination!

Orochi Iori(Me) & Kain R Heinlein VS Sevil Nahte & MB02

Kain R Heinlein (EENO)
Orochi Iori (EENO)
Sevil Nahte (Ethan Lives)
MB02 (SodonHID, O Ilusionista, Ethan Lives)

Stage: Sky Battle
From: (Original)
By: Doorhenge

ICR - Back 2 Front
(in to)
ICR & Soulproof - It could have been me

Another Kyo(LKR) vs MB-02
Keywords: Mugen MB-02 Kyo Spec. Ops. hard cheap annoying parry battle AI Added: Sun, 26 Aug 2007 09:52:01 GMT. Video codes to display this video on your website! <table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0><tr><td align=center><embed ...
Carlos(Me) vs MB-02
Keywords: Mugen Carlos Blanka MB-02 Street Fighter Special ops Added: Sat, 11 Aug 2007 15:41:13 GMT. Video codes to display this video on your website! <table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0><tr><td align=center><embed ...
Son Gopaul’s MUGEN #11: MUGEN Chronicles Part 2 - Lost Videos
Bison feels Sagat has lost his touch and no longer needs Sagat’s service, although he has one purpose for Sagat… in the form of a “perfect weapon” created from Sagat’s data. Keywords: MUGEN SonGopaul Chronicles Bison Sagat MB02 Cammy ...
Rice Fairy 20 lights Battery BULK-12 sets Clear/GRN
For those who got a kick out of the last 4-on-4 slugfest of epic and cheap propor… Author: Broodstar1337 Keywords: bulk rice, Mugen Cheap MB02 Omega Tiger Woods Elque Sephiroth Evil Soul Broli Isabeau Himan Zellode ...
テツ(凰華)VSMB-02(CPU) MB-02:サガットのメカ版。11HIT決めたと同時にワープ移動で例外以外の通常コンボが強制終了したり、投げでダメージと同じ量の回復ができるのでなかなかしぶとい。最後の凡ミスにはorz. MUGEN ...
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