Mugen Character Download (mario)

Mugen: Super Mario Vs. Super Luigi

Well, i (Super Mario) kicked one of the MOST cheapest characters ass. I lost on the second round becouse well, i got unlucky. The reason there characterers are cheap are for the UNBLOCKABLE coin punch lol

System of a down - B.Y.O.B

Super Mario:
Super Luigi:

Mugen: Jon Talbain (me) Vs Thanksgiving Turkey

After watching BigAl's rant on Peta's new "game" I knew something had to be done. Note that I am not against BigAl's rant and I agree with him. I'm pissed off for many reasons, but mainly because Peta made Mario look like the bad guy! I will not stand for this!

Stage: Scorpion's Lair
BGM: SSBM Brinstar

I was trying to think if there was any bird characters in Mugen I could kick the crap...

MUGEN AS1: Peter Griffin Vs Super Mario

Read my description.: Some people are asking me for the game, so here's the link to it:

You'll also need to download characters and other stuff with Winrar. Here's the link:

Peter and Mario go at it!

Characters (C) Fox, Nintendo

Background (C) Super Mario For Genesis

Music (C) Super Mario For Genesis Music...

D.S.O Silent Grave M.Bison #7: SuperMario64 (Youkai)

Vega has killed Youkai's broken ninjas.

Now its time for M.Bison to deal with the last one.

I don't want to go over how many times it took me to even DENT damage to this broken piece of crap. I've managed to find an interesting loophole. But despite this, SM64 can still be a pain with all those invincibility frames and completely sloopy CLSN boxes.

Whenever SM64 performed his "Mario...

Download Mugen Characters

Read the description or else your non-reading comment with be deleted like

what do i do?/?

All I just did was make a moveset document for Anslasax, since he has none

Before you say anything read the moveset which is available here:


Mega Upload:

And my site: http://fw58.members....

SS MUGEN - My first MUGEN roster

This is my first MUGEN roster. I wanna show my roster everyone. Characters in here:
- Kung Fu Man
- Super Mario
- Super Luigi
- Boggy B
- Koopa Troopa
- SF3 Ryu
- Spider-Man
- Pocket Ken
- Cell Junior from DBZ ME2
- Cell Junior
- Asterix
- Fred Flintstone
- Predator Warrior
- Son Goku
- Sailor Jupiter(Neo-Kamek)
- Pocket Akuma
- Super Mario 64
- Pingu
- Kuririn
- Goku Normal HD
... and...

JS Maximum-MUGEN #08: SSBM Adventure

Solid Snake made it into Super Smash Bros. Brawl. What if Johnny Maximum made it in? J. Max goes through a stripped-down version of SSBM's Adventure Mode in MUGEN. He fights four characters: SSBM Kirby 1.5 (Laxxe23 and Boss Lagomorph), Fox McCloud (Gigan X3), Yoshi (MSdensky), and Master Hand (N64Mario84).

SSBM Kirby's latest version gives him many excellent new abilities. He can now copy...

simpsons mugen characters download
MUGEN AS1 All-Stars #2: Homer Simpson(Me) Vs Super Mario READ THIS DESCRIPTION PEOPLE!!! Im new to making this video. Plz rate and comment it. Second: Im starting to get dumb questions on what this is and dumb comments on my other vid ...
Mugen Character Mario Downloads
MUGEN AS1: Peter Griffin Vs Super Mario Read my description.: Some people are asking me for the game, so here's the link to it: You'll also need to download characters and other stuff with Winrar. ...
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MUGEN: Peter Griffin (Me) Vs Super Mario
Here's the link: Peter and Mario go at it! Characters (C) Fox, Nintendo Background (C) Super Mario For Genesis Music (C) Super Mario For Genesis Music. Author: ASHAKI1 Keywords: MUGEN ashaki1 engines ...