Mugen Himan Zellode

Mustkillroy MUGEN Cheaponators 5: Gouki vs Nightmare SSJ3

Gouki has officially joined Team Cheaponators! His first match as a member is against the deadly Saiyan warrior, Broli!

Members of Team Cheaponators don't get formal initiations, but this is kind of like Gouki's initiation, in a way.

The Nightmare SSJ3 is known as one of the cheapest characters in MUGEN history. He is "made" by Gulthor. Almost all of his sprites and coding are stolen...

SA MUGEN Special: The Great Himan Smackdown

I now present to you the beatings of Himan Zellode

Please note: THIS IS A PRIVATE EDIT OF HIMAN, to make this video possible i had to clean up his collision boxes, tone down his stats, drain his power to one to prevent the AI Possesesing the player , As demostrated with one of the beatings. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE REQUEST THIS EDIT

Mustkillroy MUGEN-Mania 56: Sheng Long vs Gouki (Tenebrous)

You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance!

That's right, someone actually made Sheng Long for MUGEN. He's made by Cipher44. He has powerful supers, one of which stuns. I'm actually not too bad with him. Will he join Team Crowbar? Only time will tell.

Gouki is made by Tenebrous. He has no AI, but he has 1500 life and 120 attack. This causes some of his attacks to be overpowered and...

SA MUGEN Death to Cheapies ep. 1

Death to Cheapies episode 1:

Gulthor's Stolen POS's and BTW Evil Ken Sucks.

This is the first of my cheap killing series staring Megaman Plus by Darkriem, Metool by N64Mario, Maverick Hunter Zero by ArielAlex co & DDarkbeing, and Omega by N64mario together they form the Cheap Maverick Hunters. Join them as they take on the worst cheap-ass's the MUGEN community has to offer. Remember if...

DBZ mugen

goku vs. himan zellode (dbz charrie wannabe). a nice battle in fairness

The Terror of SSJ5 Goku(me) vs Himan Zellode

Himan Comes to challenge the terror(me), find out who wins!

Kenshiro (Ken) Owning Cheapies

I was Makin a Cheap Vs Ken So i was Face Cheap Chars!
oh Enjoy

VM5 DJB MUGEN 5: Juggernaut vs. Himan Zellode
Himan Zellode is described in three words... CHEAP AND BROKEN!!! This cheese head is worse than Sephiroth! All this bastard does is combo-whore you and restore health. He also has large amounts of HP and Defence. ...
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The Candidate for an Ant… Author: DragonKenji Keywords: cheap flight, DK DragonKenji MUGEN Special Cheapie PWN’ing Part3 7th Heaven Ciel Evil Soul Kanna Omega Tiger Woods Himan Zellode Added: April 16, 2007.