Mugen Luigi

DN MUGEN-Luigi #1: Wario

The leader has recently view videos of Mario defeating Wario. However, he didn't see any videos of Luigi defeating Wario. He decides to send Luigi to face Wario...

Wario (@ndroide adn Wariner): Has nice sprites and nice attacks, not that hard but not someone to let your guard down around...

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Crossroads, Another Story,Ep.25a Link&SuperMariovsOniChizuru

Jin got ahold of one of Mary's arms and swung her over his shoulder onto the ground. He then pressed his foot against her and began to pull. After just a few seconds, a loud pop was heard; he dislocated her arm. Not satisfied, he continued to pull, a twisted smile drawn across his face. Mary's scarf then formed a huge hand and grabbed Jin, forcing him to let go and tossing him aside. He...

MUGEN:mario vs luigi

again no sound so i put a song

the battle of the plumbers has begun.who shall be victorious??

mario and luigi vs link and young link mugen

mario and luigi vs link and young link mugen

M..U.G.E.N. Megaman Zero Survival

Wasn't very hard. It was Luigi that ticked me off.

TRT MUGEN #13: Sephiroth Strikes!

Jigglypuff's past feat has utterly humiliated the mighty Sephiroth. Enraged, he chases the poor Jigglypuff and prepares to strike. However, it seems that Jigglypuff has found the hideout of Team Overshadow. Jigglypuff sets off the alarm, and Stone Mario and Stone Luigi set off in pursuit of the invader. In the pathway to the hideout, they come across the evil and outraged Sephiroth...

Pacman Vs Super Mario

Pacman Vs Super Mario


MUGEN AS1: Homer Simpson(Me) Vs Super Luigi
THIS GAME IS CALLED MUGEN! FREAKIN GOOGLE IT! Character's (C) Fox, Nintendo. Background (C) The Simpsons House. Music (C) The Simpsons Theme Song. Author: ASHAKI1 Keywords: MUGEN Homer The Simpsons Vs Luigi Nintendo Fox ...
MUGEN Cartoon Brawl #3: Homer J Simpson & Luigi Vs Mario ...
Background (C) The Simpson's House. Music (C) The Simpson's Theme Song. The Simpson's Movie Theme Song. Author: ASHAKI1 Keywords: MUGEN Homer The Simpsons Luigi Mario Bros Nintendo Super Mario Bros Spongebob Squarepants Nickeloedeon ...
MUGEN AS1: Super Mario(Me) And Super Luigi Vs Bowser
Background (C) Bowser's Castle. Music (C) Bowser Boss Theme Song From Super Mario 64. Enjoy! Please rate and comment. Author: ASHAKI1 Keywords: MUGEN Super Mario Super Luigi Vs Bowser Shin Ryoga Nintendo engines ...
MUGEN AS1 Brawl: Super Mario And Homer J Simpson Vs Super Luigi ...
Character's (C) Nintendo, Fox, Nintendo, Cartoon Network. Music (C) The Legend Of Zelda Wind Waker: Ganondorf Boss Battle. Author: ASHAKI1 Keywords: MUGEN Mario Homer The Simpsons Nintendo Vs Luigi Bloo Cartoon Network ...
MUGEN AS1 Brawl: Trunks(Me) And Peter Vs Luigi And Homer
Enjoy! Author: ASHAKI1 Keywords: MUGEN Trunks Dragonball Z Peter Griffin Family Guy Vs Luigi Nintendo Homer The Simpsons Added: August 22, 2007.
SS Luigi MUGEN Ep.1 - Team Insane Power(StavrosSkunk)
This is the first episode of Luigi's MUGEN adventure. He is fighting with my team. I took fight.snd file from Marvel vs. Capcom 2. These voices had older EVE Battle lifebars. I made the intro for Luigi. Starring: 1. ...
MUGEN: Peter Griffin Vs Super Luigi
For Genesis Recorder (C) HyperCam 2 (Unregistered Version). Author: ASHAKI1 Keywords: MUGEN ashaki1 games engines Peter Griffin Family Guy Vs Super Luigi Nintendo Mario. Bros Daft Punk One More Time Added: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 00:56:11 GMT.
SS Luigi MUGEN Ep.2 - Team Sonic
Keywords: super luigi sonic shadow knuckles tails mugen Added: Thu, 09 Aug 2007 16:54:47 GMT. Video codes to display this video on your website! <table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0><tr><td align=center><embed src="<div><embed ...
SS Luigi MUGEN Ep.3 - Super Mario
Keywords: super mario bros brothers luigi mugen Added: Thu, 09 Aug 2007 16:59:40 GMT. Video codes to display this video on your website! <table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0><tr><td align=center><embed src="<div><embed ...
MUGEN AS1: Team ASHAKI1 Vs The Mario Bros.
Character's (C) Shonen Jump, SNK, Nintendo, Nintendo. Background (C) Pac-Man. Music (C) Sonic Heroes Intro Theme. Author: ASHAKI1 Keywords: MUGEN Cell Shonen Jump Dragonball Z Iori Yagami SNK Vs Mario Luigi Nintendo ...
AR MUGEN Battle #63: Team Gruppo Reale VS Team HellWind Crew
Predator and Mama Luigi takes on Warakia and Blaziken. Author: Matthew123678 Keywords: MUGEN Alien VS Predator Capcom Mama Luigi Super Mario Brothers Pokemon Blaziken Nintendo Warakia Melty Blood Tsukihime Added: August 28, 2007.
TRT MUGEN #6: Chipmunks invade Mugen again!
Must be the chipmunks. Rate, comment, and enjoy! 1st stage: SSBM Flat Zone (Neo-Kamek) BGM: SSBM Flat Zone (came with stage) 2nd stage: Princess... Author: terrotim Keywords: mugen juggernaut super luigi chipmunk Added: August 24, 2007.
JS Homer-MUGEN #60: Luigi NGPC (Custom AI)
... Peach Castle (included with ShinRyoga's SuperMario character) BGM: Princess PEach's Castle (Super Smash Bros. Melee) Author: JudgeSpear Keywords: mugen video game judgespear homer simpsons luigi ngpc nintendo Added: August 11, 2007.
Team Ryuu Mugen #6: Mario Bros.
Red Arcuied takes on the legendary Mario Brothers. Stage: Kushiyama Forest BGM: Oriental Beat (Reubenkee). Author: cyanidemaniac Keywords: Red Arcuied Mario Luigi Bros MarioBros Mugen Added: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 04:23:13 GMT.
LM MUGEN: REVENGE on Team Electro-Renegades!
I owe you big, man! On team Saikyou we have: The girl... Author: LuwiigiMaster Keywords: Great Wario Luigi Evil Dan Reiko Hikari Magneto Juggernaut Kagura Pingu Vs. Versus vs MUGEN Added: August 27, 2007.
MUGEN AS1 All-Stars #5: Cartoon Brawl #2
THIS IS MUGEN. GOOGLE IT! Another of my Cartoon Brawls. Bloo and Spongebob Vs Leela And Luigi. Who will win. Bloo(Offline) Spongebob(Request him for me). Leela and Luigi are availible at Warners site. Characters (C) Cartoon Network, ...
Dragonball vs. The Others - Vesão 3.0
Depois de MUGEN, os jogadores tiveram a oportunidade de se lançarem numa investida para criarem seus próprios jogos de luta, com tanta qualidade quanto os jogos desse gênero da era arcade. As oportunidades de mercado para MUGENs não são ...
Team Luigio Match #34: Team Homer vs Team Mario (Rematch)
... is it possible that Homer and Luigi can get the revenge they've been waiting for for the past... Author: LuigioSMBZ Keywords: Team Luigio Homer Simpson Fox Super Luigi Mario Nintendo Sonic Sega Mugen Added: August 26, 2007.
Team Mutars of Death vs Team MarioRules
Team MarioRules (Cenary123) Super Luigi(ShinRyoga) Super Mario(ShinRyoga) Homer Simpson (Judgespear). Author: ragingdemon45 Keywords: Mugen Tournament Super Luigi Mario Homer Simpson Strider Hiryu Guy Added: August 22, 2007.
Mugen- Mario&Super Sonic vs Luigi&Knuckles
Rivals team up to fight thier sidekicks! Sonic for Brawl!! Song: Green Hill Zone from Sonic The Hedgehog Stage: Green Hill Zone. Author: Mechazilla3 Keywords: Mugen Mario Sonic Luigi Knuckles Super Smash Bros Brawl ...