Mugen Metalix

MUGEN Character roster.

My MUGEN character roster.
All of these characters are requestable.
If you notice any errors in the character's name or the author's name, please send me a message.
Note: Some of the characters in the description did not appear in the video.

Pocket Akuma by Kong.
Amy Rose by MUGEN Hunter
Bark by MUGEN Hunter.
Bean by MUGEN Hunter.
Big by MUGEN Hunter.
Bio Spark by Di Gi Jared.
Blues by...

Poppy's misadvenutres part 1

Behold, a crappy Mugen story by Shinryuu82!

Special thanks to Muigi01 for help with the disppearing lifebar trick.

One note:
Yes, Poppy is a girl :P

Also, if your not sure why Poppy is in the afterworld, check here:

It's under "Galford D. Weller."

If the quality comes out crappy, blame YouTube, not me.

Mugen: A blast from the past

So both Metal Sonic and Poppy have taken down a few foes, some of which from their own genre, but now they must face the "other" versions of themselves!

Stage: Monomino_oka(EFZ)
BGM: Mishio's stage

Notes on the battle:
I control Metal Sonic, and the AI controls Poppy (my side).

So, what are their "other" versions? They must take on another Poppy By Kane_taku and Metalix By SSJx4 Goku....

Son&Amy vs Metal Sonic (beta)

Sonic i Amy kontra Metal Sonic (metalix beta)

128 mugen 17: NvS 3 retro match 1/2

Nintendo 1
Sega 1

I disable comments and ratings for a reason just enjoy it.
it is Metalix and knux(GEN) vs nes link and nes bowser. these type of charaters are better played as human but it is on whatch mode.

Death Maul & Sephiroth vs Metalix & Koganei (M.U.G.E.N)

DeatH Maul & Sephiroth vs Metalix(Mecha Sonic) & Koganei

ninja storm thunder megazord
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ninja storm thunder megazord
1632 megazord Heino nijna storm thunder megazord Heinrich Graf von Flemming German cybercops marshal (d. light speed rescue metalix 1706. 1670 Charles Beauclerk, nonja storm thunder megazord 1st Duke helmet of Edinburgh, jiraiya and the ...