Mugenhunter Sonic Downloads

Sega M.U.G.E.N: Magician's Balcony Stage Location Test

Again, just made it today ripped from the Arcade version of The House of the Dead. I know the fans would love it so I made it for them. Enjoy!
The download is coming soon. Enjoy!
Availble for download at
Death Adder by Mike Obrecht
Metal Sonic by MugenHunter
Stage by myself
Music: Magician Boss theme from the Saturn and PC version...

Mugen: Metal Sonic's Initiation into team Shinryuu82

Due to the fact that I've had to drop almost 3 MMBN challenges in a row due to cheapness factor, I'm extending my break. I'm sorry, but if people want to give me cheap challenges, I won't do them, and I'll extend my break.

Stage: Temple the Seventh Heaven
BGM: The end of 1000 years

Well, Metal Sonic by Mugenhunter wants to join the team! Ampchu, I still don't know if you hate this guy...

Luigio MUGEN All-Star Match #1: Sonic vs Duck Dodgers

A request at the VGLan forums has brought about my All-Star MUGEN system. In All-Star mode, I play as any character I want that isn't part of my team. These are characters I'll play as only a few times, but not enough to initiate them into my team. The first mach-up is Sonic (By MugenHunter) and Duck Dodgers (By DDR (telechy)).

True2DaGame gave me downloads to all of MugenHunter's Sonic...

Characters of freedom fighters

This is a mugen sonic game called "freedom fighters" it was made by MUGENhunter and has quite a few sonic characters.It also has an open folder allowing you to move the characters into your mugen if you want them.
If You want to download it go here:
(it's the second link that says "download FFS one")

Dag Survivor MUGEN: Master Ryu vs. Freedom Fighters

...Yes, I know I spelled versus wrong...

Link to game:

Download it, and rename the file, changing the end part from .doc to .zip