Mvc Morrigan Mugen

Lucius' Mugen: Lost Time 9: Dark Chunli vs Chunli

NOTE: This Dark Chunli was privately edited by me so she can be completely MvC. I refuse to send her to ANYONE.

Death Ogre (on codec): Dark your progress done?

Dark Chunli:...Yes...i am reverted back to Shadow Lady. So from now on just call me Shadow Chunli.

Death Ogre: Perfect...are you at the Portal where the statue of the boss is at?

Shadow Chunli: Of course thats where...

[Mugen]Dark 0904 & Plaza's Combos

enjoy :D
Sion atlasia by Shiroto
Yuki by fervicante
Guile by Ahuron
Shin Kazuma By O Illusionista
Cucu by Smoke
Mvc unknown by 586
Chaves by Heaven e Hell
Orochi real kyo by NeoGouki & KyoYagami
Miyako Rock style by AOHIGE
Shiki nanaya By toma and raien makoto
Justice by Muteki
God Yuki by ?
Red arcueid by toma and raien makoto
Dark arcueid by 586...

StreetFighter 3rd Strike MvC Tag Style

The Title Says It All Enjoy Also Thx Ryon For The You Know Wut

Lolis In White vs Da World

(This is a reupload of a video YT tooken down meliciously.)

Omega Force's two most powerful members, White Len and Unknown (AKA: Lolis in White) go on their very first team survival run. There victims of the run are:

1)Sakuya OS/Kaori Misaka
2)Potemkin/White Len
3)Makoto Sawatari/Lilith
5)Abigail/MvC Morrigan
6)Moorhunn/Nanaya Shiki
8)Homer Simpson/Miyako...

Lucius' MvC Mugen Roster: Taking requests 6/ 2/ 07

Taking Character requests

chunli by whitemagic2002
fighting style: MvC

Ryu by GGN
Fighting style: MvC
(can change into Normal, Ken And Akuma/Gouki mode. This Ryu was DOS Mugen character so i converted him into WIN for those who have winmugen)

Zangief by One WInged Angel
Fighting style: MvC

Morrigan by Thomas Hsieh
Unrequestable (SND file missing)

Captain Commando by Splode

Team Potku palleille Mugen: Da beginning

Oh my!
Ken has decided to start a MUGEN team!
How nice.
There is a problem.
He can't be a team himself, can he?
So what he's gonna do is kill a foul beaing and 2 no so foul beaings in a fight with poor framerate to somehow get him teammates.
Good luck Ken!
You'll need it!
And now, serious speaking.
I use Ken-X by LimitedMoon.
He's a MvC-styled character that has...

Someone Else Gets Initiated

After I finally got the Fountain of Dreams stage from Mustkillroy (thanks! =D), I put up another initiation for someone to fight current members of Team Blood Stained Roses. Who is getting initiated though? I'll just tell you now. The person is Chun-Li by Angel Myst/Luvly Angel/rkMugen! Chun-Li was the first character I've ever played in any fighting game. This version comes with a lot...

Morrigan tribute
NEW TRIBUTE RELEASED: this is another tribute to morrigan and those who make MUGEN tutorials, thank u all and enjoy yhis movie of the hottes fighter babe i know! please watch all the way to the ...
Team Potku palleille Mugen: Da beginning
He's a MvC-styled character that has all kinds of custom animation and stuff. He also has this "burst mode," that's based on SF3. The enemies are: Lilith by J. Reed, Omega Red, KoYoTae Morrigan by POTS Jedah by Deuce & Baby Bonnie Hood ...
Lolis In White vs Da World
There victims of the run are: 1)Sakuya OS/Kaori Misaka 2)Potemkin/White Len 3)Makoto Sawatari/Lilith 4)Gaits/Vegeta 5)Abigail/MvC Morrigan 6)Moorhunn/Nanaya Shiki 7)Kuando/Rogue 8)Homer Simpson/Miyako Arima 9)Kai Harn/Green Ranger ...
Omega Force Team Battles: Versus Team Black Claws (CP)
The next team battle will be against Commander Paws' fighting force, Team Black Claws, consisting of Kohaku by 9 and MvC Morrigan by Thomas Hsieh. Like usual in the most recent team battles Bulleta by Beximus and Kohaku by 9 join forces ...
Lolis In White vs Da World
Together White Len (me) and MvC Unknown (AI) ravage through many opponents listed below: 1)Sakuya OS/Kaori Misaka 2)Potemkin/White Len 3)Makoto Sawatari/Lilith 4)Gaits/Vegeta 5)Abigail/MvC Morrigan 6)Moorhunn/Nanaya Shiki 7)Kuando/Rogue ...
Bulleta Survival
MvC Morrigan! Not only is she from the same game series as Bulleta but she I already defeated her and her partner with my partner fighting along my side in a team battle video. Who's up for some revenge? Author: Ampchu ...
Notices 01/01/06
Morrigan fue actualisada link. Jin (Panzer Bandit) fue lanzado en los nuevos foros de el BMT(Brazil Mugen Team) link. Ice fue lanzada por el equipo de el DCvsMV link. Lanzada la version Beta de CARNAGE! por el DCvsMV Link ...
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