Neokamek Mugen

Mustkillroy MUGEN Team Battle 11: Team Solaris

Team Solaris, one of the strongest teams in the MUGEN community, steps forward to challenge Team Crowbar! Will they be prepared, or will Team Solaris tear them apart?

Team Crowbar:
Perfect Cell (Me)
Jill Valentine (AI)

Team Solaris:
Yoma Komatsu
Baby Bonnie Hood

Team Solaris is Legoman727's team. You already know BBH by BBH. You might not know another BBH creation, Yoma Komatsu....

AR MUGEN Challenge #21: Metool pwnz cheapies

NeoKamek no longer have his MPC series so I listed all cheapies that NK never owned before.
On the chopping block.
Flash: Wow! He has a cheap AI!
TigreNegro: This cheapo is an edit of Guile. Cheap AI, His Boma Tigre super fills the screens.
Gill: Final boss of SF3 has a screen filling attack. He also posses Boss AI.
Dobby Dummy: Cheap AI

Mustkillroy Team Battle 9: Mu Tang

Mu Tang, a somewhat obscure but powerful team, challenges Team Crowbar!

Team Crowbar:
Reiko Hikari (Me)
Jon Talbain (AI)

Mu Tang:
Tetsu Yatogi
Lei Lei (P.o.t.S.)

Mu Tang is Panzermanathod's team. You should know both of these characters already. They make a great duo. Tetsu's strong supers and insane dream cancels, combined with Lei Lei's range and crazy AI, made them a challenging...

Mustkillroy MUGEN-Mania 90: Reiko Hikari vs The Thing

Reiko takes on a member of the Fantastic Four, the Thing!

I haven't had a serious match with Reiko since her initiation! I don't seem to have much rust, though.

The Thing is made by Warner. He has no custom AI, but his moves do a lot of damage. I managed to take him down pretty quickly.

Where to get the stuff:
Reiko Hikari by NeoKamek:
The Thing by Warner:...

Soundpack Showoff

Showing off two custom soundpacks, now available for download: Evil Ryu's silly soundpack and Tetsu's Laharl voicepack.

You can get them at my website:

BBH MUGEN: Dragon Claw vs Kamek

So I heard Kamek hates Dragon Claw.

Just like Reiko, Kamek gains stronger abilities when fighting against certain cheap characters (see "Kamek's Misadventures" by NeoKamek for some narrative justification of this). Fortunately DC's name isn't "Master Geese" or "Cheap Boss Type", so maybe he might stand a chance of winning...

3 out of 5, I control DC. Wish me luck.

dark reiko is so stupid (mugen)

A video of the special attacks of dark reiko who use 3 bars of energy.

VM5 Team Battle 2: vs. Koopa Klan (NeoKamek) (x2 Match)
It's a really catchy tune.) If you want the song... find it here: Enjoy! Author: ViperMach5 Keywords: MUGEN NeoKamek Added: Sun, 09 Sep 2007 20:54:25 GMT ...
Mustkillroy MUGEN-Mania 90: Reiko Hikari vs The Thing
Where to get the stuff: Reiko Hikari by NeoKamek: The Thing by Warner:... Author: Mustkillroy Keywords: Mustkillroy MUGEN Mania 90 Reiko Hikari NeoKamek Neo Kamek The Thing Warner el Tochix Sunrise Park PotS ...
Naruto Mugen Character Downloads
GDBF mugen teams: graydarkblinkyfreak vs neokamek yep yep MD mugen it was already taken so I use gdbf mugen now I hade to admit it was a tough battle if it was dificult battle neokamek will be more difficult vs psychojolteon luigio or ...
Is Newer Better?
A requested match: the old OTW fights the new one! The new OTW has reduced attack and defense, so I raised them back to 100 so that it wouldn't be a one-sided match. Author: NeoKamek Keywords: mugen omega tiger woods ...
Styles upon Styles
I gotta adjust the timing for What's That or something, I keep pulling off the goddamn boxing glove when I want to throw low kicks... Author: NeoKamek Keywords: mugen reiko hikari kamek Added: August 19, 2007.
New Psycho Shredder 3.0 vs. Hyper Neo-Kamek
I only did this on request for someone who wanted to see him get smacked down one more time. (God, I must be insane to open this can of worms back up again...) Author: NeoKamek Keywords: mugen psycho shredder hyper neo kamek ...
Magikarp! Use Splash Attack NOW! (MUGEN edition)
Magikarp by NeoKamek: Updated Homer Simpson by Warner, Mr. H", kingshadow3, BBHood217, and myself: coming soon! MvC Peter Griffin by Warner and JudgeSpear URL: Stage BG: Super Adventure ...
Mustkillroy MUGEN-Mania 16: Jill vs Fortress Maximus
Where to get the stuff: Jill Valentine by XCalibreBlade and NeoKamek: Fortress Maximus by Omega Supreme: Stage and BGM: Zabel's Stage: ...
MUGEN: Reiko Hikari's initiation to The Gang of Steel
... NeoKamek) attempts to join the gang! Reiko is obviously from the same game as Tetsu is. Stage: Rasputin's Stage BGM: Bloody Tears (Castlevania-cover found from Galbadia Hotel). Author: krimbe Keywords: mugen reiko hikari initiation ...
Mustkillroy MUGEN Team Battle 2: Team Way Back When
This time, I play as Tron, and the AI controls Kamek by NeoKamek. Kamek has some powerful supers, and, for some reason, has Pokemon strikers. I'll never understand why, but it's funny as hell, so I don't care. This match is dedicated to ...
Download Mugen Characters
Cinema Blend - Aug 12, 2007Alternatively, you can brush up on your MUGEN knowledge (or download characters) by visiting one of the following fansites:GDBF mugen teams: graydarkblinkyfreak vs neokamek yep yep MD mugen it was already ...
Mugen: Hyper Neo-Kamek (me) Vs Adolf Hitler
First as always, the stage and BGM: Stage: Outside the Death Egg By NeoKamek BGM: Death Egg Battle Well, I was originally going to fight him with normal Kamek, but that was like, how Lord Shade puts it: "Trying to beat a bear with an ...
This was much harder than it looks. Edit: There's an error in the match conditions. It says "3-win match" but it's really a 2-win match. Author: NeoKamek Keywords: mugen ghost tetsu omega tiger woods Added: June 4, 2007.
Deep Mugen Survival Tournament #3: Reiko Hikari by Kamek
Mugen video number 3. Ehh... quickest survival eva? I think so. XD. Author: KenDeep Keywords: Street Fighter Ken Ken_Deep Deep KenDeep Reiko Kamek NeoKamek Guilty Gear Added: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 19:26:06 GMT ...
KxM Creator Battle: Warusaki3 vs. Phantom of the Server
Here, we explore the question of whose AIs are cheaper. Author: NeoKamek Keywords: kxm mugen creator battle warusaki3 phantom server sakura karin rock charlie violent ken evil ryu god rugal lei-lei Added: May 21, 2007.
Mugen: Random Team Battle
Omega Tiger Woods By Most_Mysterious: Probably one the funniest and most original characters in all of Mugen. This guy as a boatload of ludicrous attacks, almost all of which take of bite sized chunks of your health. ...
JS Maximum-MUGEN #06: Team Pokemon
*Jigglypuff (Willoughby Jackson): This version of Jigglypuff has custom AI by NeoKamek. This is an unapproved edit, so please do not ask me for this Jigglypuff. *Registeel (Brandon Clay): Finally! More good Pokemon MUGEN characters. ...
Video: JS Maximum-MUGEN #04: Gridiron Grudge [Miami Dolphins ...
I listened to suggestions by NeoKamek and others to give that hyper more impact and oomph. There are three new NFL palettes: Miami Dolphins, Carolina Panthers, and Buffalo Bills. There is now a total of 17 NFL palettes. ...
MUGEN-Leona(me) by Nao&M vs Alex by GM
I used a simple stragety to beat him. The default hitsparks are by NeoKamek. Broken98 bars by two4teezee, they are wonderful lifebars. Makes Mugen feel more professional, good work two4teezee! I wish I had the old Alex AI :(. ...
mugen rare characters stages
Btw, this is my second video in the Balanced series. The Lifebars are by me and will only be released when I get permission from NeoKamek to do so. Also, BombMan stage is by me and can be found at