Pingu Mugen Chars

LM MUGEN: REVENGE on Team Electro-Renegades!

I asked my friend Pikawil64 to do a team battle against my team, and he sure pwned my team good, so to speak. So I seek revenge on my loss and challenge him again, bringing this to a that I think of it, it's kinda pointless...

Special thanks goes to Pikawil64 for giving me the links to the stage, BGM, and characters. I owe you big, man!

On team Saikyou we have:

The girl...

Taiki MUGEN Tournament - Preliminary 6 Green Ranger v Homer

Sixth round of a little tournament I've put together with some members of my MUGEN roster.

The preliminary rounds will go like this:

Renamon(L) vs Blaziken(W)
Pingu(L) vs Sub Zero(W)
Chomper(W) vs SSJ Goku(L)
Peter Griffin(L) vs Batista(W)
Metool(L) vs Diablo(W)
Green Ranger vs Homer Simpson
WereGarurumon vs Naruto Uzumaki
Broly vs Venom

So here it is: Green Ranger (by Kokuryu) vs Homer...

SS MUGEN - My first MUGEN roster

This is my first MUGEN roster. I wanna show my roster everyone. Characters in here:
- Kung Fu Man
- Super Mario
- Super Luigi
- Boggy B
- Koopa Troopa
- SF3 Ryu
- Spider-Man
- Pocket Ken
- Cell Junior from DBZ ME2
- Cell Junior
- Asterix
- Fred Flintstone
- Predator Warrior
- Son Goku
- Sailor Jupiter(Neo-Kamek)
- Pocket Akuma
- Super Mario 64
- Pingu
- Kuririn
- Goku Normal HD
... and...

MUGEN PİNGU & TALON: pingu(me) & talon vs. big & metal mario

pingu & talon survived characters

zeeky H. bomb in super mario land

after pingu was in mario land, it's time for zeeky to make it through! my next team pingibomb video will be ready soon. brolly wont be so happy about the next one!

MUGEN pingu in super mario land

well, now that I have this area, I thought I would post it.. super mario land!! every wondered what it would be like to have ANYBODY else in super mario land? pingu has a suggestion for that!
to all the people (especily WOWslayerwar) wondering why zeeky isn't in this one, if they were, id be trying to get to the end well the CPU would be spazzing out trying...

MUGEN team pingibomb vs. small's!

small is recorded to be the smallest mugen character they're is, and OMG is he ever CHEEP. if he touches you, then your basicley dead! he throws you from side to side freezeing you untill your finally dead. so I had to keep my block on most of the time when I was battleing them. and they were so small, they were hard to hit! unless they jump, you don't hit them! (other then the slide attack...

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LM MUGEN: REVENGE on Team Electro-Renegades!
... me the links to the stage, BGM, and characters. I owe you big, man! On team Saikyou we have: The girl... Author: LuwiigiMaster Keywords: Great Wario Luigi Evil Dan Reiko Hikari Magneto Juggernaut Kagura Pingu Vs. Versus vs MUGEN ...
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