Psycho Jolteon Chars Mugen

Combat Echizen V.S Weird characters

Long time no MUGEN videos upload.
Last time on MUGEN, Shadow Lady and Foxy kills the T.C.D (Two Crap Diana's.) They on vacation sadly. Combat Echizen, a weird MUGEN character has a misson. To destroy all retard characters, that's right it will never end it.
The Weird characters are:
W.I.P crap Diana
Baby Talon (Not from Psycho Jolteon) :P
Stage: Countyard from Clock Tower...

PPT Mugen: My character roster (3rd update)

The third update of my mugen character roster.

I would like to thank:

LordShade: For sending me Ness.
Psycho Jolteon: For sending me Silent Storm.
JudgeSpear: For sending me Krusty the Clown (before he was available for public download).
And Barrysun: For senidng me quite a lot of characters (it would take too long to mention them all).

PPT Mugen: Team PanicPalmTree vs Team PsychoJolteon

I play as Dopefish, all other characters are AI controlled.

Stage: Apocalypse Now! (Cyber Akuma)
BGM: Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped: Dr N Trophy boss battle.

My team (Dopefish and Chomp) fight PsychoJolteon's team (Talon and Shin). This was quite a tough battle playing with Dopefish so I ended up using his 1 hit kill attack (eating you whole) once or twice.

Psycho Jolteon Vs. Killer Temper 3 (Mugen Video)

This is my fifteenth Mugen video, made with help from my nephew.

killertemper's profile -
Killertemper still has a knack for using cheap characters. Oh wow. Megaman X with his unlimited X-Buster combo and Super Zero with his cheap AI. Wow. Then, he has the nerve to partner up with Oda Nobunaga as Sephiroth, but the last fight is AWESOME! it's when...

Psycho Jolteon Vs. Killer Temper 2 (Mugen Video)

This is my thirteenth Mugen video, made with help from my nephew.

killertemper's profile -
We go at it again, this time in Team Versus Mode. Killertemper, like Sasuke-Kun's AI, has a knack of spamming the replacement jutsu, which is really annoying. He also likes to summon Naruto-Kun and Kakashi, which can be absolutely, positively annoying.

Psycho Jolteon Vs. Killer Temper 1 (Mugen Video)

This is my eleventh Mugen video, made with help from my nephew.

killertemper's profile -
You've seen us team up to beat the Arcade mode in my Mugen, now, see us fight each other!
Matches shown:
Mech Rugal Bernstein (me) Vs. Thor (killertemper) in the Wyler Mansion (Art of Fighting 3)
Raphael of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters (SNES...