Sasuke-kun Move List Mugen

JS MUGEN Special: Cheapies Get 0WN3D! Parts 8 and 9

What a way to welcome back a series of mine that's been dormant for more than 5 months! Team Tiny Terrors is back, and they've recruited a new member: none other than the R-9 ship from the old-school scrolling shooter R-Type! Jigglypuff, Metool, Dopefish, and R-9 take on four cheapies in Part 8 of this popular series. In Part 9, the cheapies on the card are so ridiculous that they had to...

Floofiekun MUGEN #10 Collet (Me) vs. Zeeky

Yeap, it's the infamous Zeeky H. Bomb from the Demented Cartoon Movie! A very annoying striker, though I'm wondering if this guy is worse then SuperMario64...?

I like this guy, but he's a pain to fight XD. Luckily that Collet has a lot of ranged attacks that can destroy the strikers and stop Zeeky from even moving at times. Just remember, do NOT say the Zeeky word.

Collet made by MEEMU...

Mugen: Shinryu (me) and Omega Vs Cheap Characters no.2

Shinryu is back to beat up even more cheap characters! This time Omega has tagged along to help out with the 4th character on the list. You'll see what I mean.

The cheap characters that Shinryu has beaten so far:

Super Mario 64
Zeeky H. Bomb
King of Zero

The victims:

Naruto-kun: Just like Sasuke-kun only not as bad. His super moves are cheap, and overpowered. Also, I like...

JS MUGEN Special: Cheap MUGEN Characters Get 0WN3D! Part 7

Team Tiny Terrors has been hired once again! Can't the influx of cheap MUGEN characters ever cease? Where there are cheapies, the Tiny Terrors will always be called to flush them out! The Tiny Terrors were so impressed with Predator's efforts in 0WN3D! Part 6 that they invited him back. It seems Predator has a personal vendetta against cheapies hailing from an organization called G.E.M....

JS MUGEN Special: Cheap MUGEN Characters Get 0WN3D! Part 6

Team Tiny Terrors (Jigglypuff and Metool) has been hired once again to dispatch more cheap MUGEN characters. Once again, the Tiny Terrors invite Team JS Vice President, Predator Warrior, along for the fun. Predator didn't get a chance to fight last time in 0WN3D Part 5, so Jigglypuff and Metool let Predator fight first this time around. To recap, the list of cheapies that have been eliminated...