Shin-akuma Level 2 Mugen Download

Neo Fighters Team Battle: Team JinRyu (ErsellJR) Twice!

Match 1
Stage: Air Force - MvC version
BGM: Guile's Theme(Capcom Generation Remix)
DF Uses: Juggernaut

Quite possibly the weirdest match ever. Maybe you'll agree with me.

So we got Shin Akuma and Spider-man. Since I've used Shin Akuma A LOT in my videos, there will be no explanation for him. Meanwhile we got good ole spidey. Spidey's AI can be customized for difficulty(1-10). In his max,...

Darkflare fails at Mugen: Death Adder (Mike Obrecht)

Yes, I know I messed up the intro!

Anyone know of a good program to record sound while I'm recording my vids. The sound de-synced on this one as well and my way of fixing it isn't exactly fool proof.

Stage: Eternal Rest(Last Blade 2)
BGM: None.

This guy was a pain in the neck. First of all, I had to play Rock Paper Scissors with my characters...

Darkflare fails at Mugen: Anti cheese mode Kamek (NeoKamek)

Stage: Sky Batttle
BGM: The divine spirit of language(Star Ocean 3)

What happens when you put Kamek against a cheap character? This happens.

Kamek becomes very cheap to counter his cheesy opponent surpassing Hyper Neo Kamek in cheapness. The cheesier the opponent, the cheesier Kamek becomes.

In this case, it's Cheap mode Level 2(Level 1 is HNK)
Correction: I was corrected that this was...

Darkflare fails at Mugen: Shin Akuma (P.O.T.S)

Stage: Australian Outback
BGM: Theme of Akuma Remix(CvS2)
Hidden Character(MSHvsSF)

Well, why just recently, Shin Akuma was given an update. Aside from a few tweaks and bug fixes, S. Akuma has a new move. He can now counter physical attacks.
The command is D,D p/k p = high, k = low

The level 2 supers that used the same command still remain the same(except it was D three times), now you...