Shin Akuma Mugen Character Download

Darkflare fails at Mugen: Dream Bison/Balrog (Cannon Musume)

Stage: Death Valley(MSHvsSF)
BGM: Balrog's theme(Capcom generation remix)

Tornado Upper! Tornado Upper! Tornado Upper! Tornado Upper! Tornado Upper! Tornado Upper! Tornado Upper! Tornado Upper!


Why Len? Let's look at D.F's list of Characters used so far:

W. Len: Rush attack + massive combo damage + running straight into w.Len Super = Destruction.
Shin Akuma: Aerial double...

Neo Fighters Team Battle: Team JinRyu (ErsellJR) Twice!

Match 1
Stage: Air Force - MvC version
BGM: Guile's Theme(Capcom Generation Remix)
DF Uses: Juggernaut

Quite possibly the weirdest match ever. Maybe you'll agree with me.

So we got Shin Akuma and Spider-man. Since I've used Shin Akuma A LOT in my videos, there will be no explanation for him. Meanwhile we got good ole spidey. Spidey's AI can be customized for difficulty(1-10). In his max,...

Evil Ryu (me) vs Shin Akuma (AI)

Evil Ryu by Vyn
Sprites: SF3, CvS
Style: CvS, Vyn
Download: At his Site

Shin Akuma by POTS
Sprites: SF3
Style: CvS
Download: At his Site

Stage Name: Sky Battle MK vs SF3
Author: Me and Gwapao
Style: Ours

Darkflare fails at Mugen: Death Adder (Mike Obrecht)

Yes, I know I messed up the intro!

Anyone know of a good program to record sound while I'm recording my vids. The sound de-synced on this one as well and my way of fixing it isn't exactly fool proof.

Stage: Eternal Rest(Last Blade 2)
BGM: None.

This guy was a pain in the neck. First of all, I had to play Rock Paper Scissors with my characters...

Mugen - Evil Ryu (Reu) vs. Shin Gouki (P.O.T.S)

What up people. HyperShotokan is back and with better videos than ever. This video goes out to Jorge1994. He says not to fuck with pots Shin Gouki but I came to prove that he is strong but not stronger than me. Evil Ryu (Reu) just have too hella good combos. Also this is really me playing with Evil Ryu. Some people just make video when they are not showing any skill at all. All they show...


God Shin Gouki:


God Orochi:

IronLantern(Iron Man and Green Lantern fused):


Holy Ken:


Darkflare fails at Mugen: Kohaku (‡H/9)

Read this first:

At 1:57 the message "I hate it when this happens" can be seen. During that part of the movie, it had lagged pretty bad. Apparently the upload to Youtube, must have magically fixed it, making the message pointless now.

And yea, I'm going to be fighting MB characters for a while.


Stage: PARIS
BGM: Holy Orders (Be just...

Shin Akuma Mugen Downloads
Tornado Upper! Tornado Upper! Tornado Upper! Tornado Upper! Tornado Upper! Tornado Upper! Tornado Upper! BUST YOU UP! Why Len? Let's look at DF's list of Characters used so far: W. Len: Rush attack + massive combo damage +.
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