Orochi Iori(Me) & Kain R Heinlein VS Sevil Nahte & MB02

Kain R Heinlein (EENO)
Orochi Iori (EENO)
Sevil Nahte (Ethan Lives)
MB02 (SodonHID, O Ilusionista, Ethan Lives)

Stage: Sky Battle
From: (Original)
By: Doorhenge

ICR - Back 2 Front
(in to)
ICR & Soulproof - It could have been me

MUGEN: Shadow Lady vs. MB-02 (Dark Sagat)

Shadow Lady by MGMURROW
MB-02 by SodonHID and O Ilusionista

Master Feilong 3 in 1 fights!

Feilong takes on Cell by Choujin, Nega Joe by Kamekaze, and MB02 (Dark Sagat) by SodonHID and O Ilusionista!

Protoman PB Vs Gutsman PB

Combate entre el Protoman PB de SodonHID y el Gutsman PB de OnslaughtX / Kung Fu Man.

Fight between SodonHID's Protoman PB and OnslaughtX / Kung Fu Man's Gutsman PB.

Evil Ryu Vs Dark Sagat

Evil Ryu steps up to fight the beast, one on one. The fight takes place in the desert with Sting - Desert Rose, as the stage song.

Evil Ryu by Vyn
Dark Sagat by SodonHID and O Ilusionista

Evil Ken + Evil Ryu VS Dark Sagat

The infamous duo take on the one man army. The fight takes place on the NYC rooftops.

Sorry about the sound..

Evil Ken by Reu, Tenshin and KingTigre and The Dreamslayer
Evil Ryu by Reu, and KingTigre, Aiduzzi
Dark Sagat by SodonHID, O Ilusionista and Ethan Lives

MUGEN SG NO.19: MB-02 (Old version)

Don't ask me what game this is because it's Mugen or anything for Mugen. Google is your friend.

MB-02 is by SodonHID and O Ilusionista. He's really tough and likes to spam projectiles, but I managed to beat him. I did bad in round 1, but better in the other rounds.

製作者は、SodonHID and O Ilusionistaさんこのキャラも強いですね。。 一撃必殺は多分ない?ですけど、全体の技のバランスのよさと、タイガーアッパーカットの性能の高さがすごいです。 AIも結構強力な物が入っていて、 こちらがコンボ決めてても強引に ...
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