Talbain Mugen

MUGEN - J.Talbain vs Jedah

MUGEN - J.Talbain vs Jedah


BGM: Megadeth - Ashes In Your Mouth

Mustkillroy MUGEN-Mania 87: Jon Talbain vs Iori XI

Jon Talbain fights Team Raiden Fighters's bounty hunter, Iori XI! Who will come out on top?

Iori XI is made by Beppu, and is a TOUGH-ASS BASTARD! His supers do insane damage, and he never lets up. I had to go all-out to beat this guy. The Moment Slice is very effective against him. I'm told that Iori XI isn't actually accurate to any KoF games, but he's still a very challenging opponent....

mario and talbain again

im bored

mario and talbain

mario(ME)and talbain are fighting
in team

Mugen: Jon Talbain (me) Vs Thanksgiving Turkey

After watching BigAl's rant on Peta's new "game" I knew something had to be done. Note that I am not against BigAl's rant and I agree with him. I'm pissed off for many reasons, but mainly because Peta made Mario look like the bad guy! I will not stand for this!

Stage: Scorpion's Lair
BGM: SSBM Brinstar

I was trying to think if there was any bird characters in Mugen I could kick the crap...

Mustkillroy Team Battle 8: The Gang of Steel (Krimbe)

Perfect Cell and Jon Talbain team up to face Juggernaut and Rock Howard, who represent the Gang of Steel!

I play as Perfect Cell. Jon Talbain is AI controlled.

The Gang of Steel is Krimbe's team. Juggernaut is made by Splode, so we all know what to expect: good AI. Rock is made by Warusaki3, so, once again, we all know what to expect: good AI. Juggernaut even has super armor. Krimbe...

MUGEN: The Gang of Steel vs. Team Crowbar (Mustkillroy)

The gang takes on Mustkillroy's Team Crowbar, which consists of Jon Talbain (Splode) and Popeye (Telechy). Team was pretty tough and it took a few tries to beat them. I play as Dodgers.

Stage: Dead or Live: The Show
BGM: We Interrupt This Program, by Coburn

Mustkillroy MUGEN-Mania 43: Talbain vs Homer Rematch
Where to get the stuff: Jon Talbain by Splode: http://randomse... Author: Mustkillroy Keywords: Mustkillroy MUGEN Mania 43 Jon Talbain Homer Simpson Warner H'' JudgeSpear Kingshadow3 BBHood217 GigaBowserX Bigmike Added: August 6, 2007.
MUGEN- Spider-Man/Talbain VS. Carnage/Demitri
... pitting your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and Werewolf Martial Arts Master Jonathan Talbain against the symbiotic psychopath Carnage, and the Vampire Lord, Demitri Maximov, using the MUGEN fighting program. ...
Jon Talbain Mugen
The article about Jon Talbain Mugen.
HA MUGEN Team Battle #1: Kamek and Jon Talbain
... provided with me some characters, and I promised a movie with two of his characters in a survival run. I did my best with Kamek, because I'm not very good with him. Author: HyperAndroid Keywords: MUGEN Mustkillroy Kamek Jon Talbain ...
Mugen: Jon Talbain (me) Vs Dark Storm (DR)
Goodman BGM: Advance Wars: Duel Strike - Black Hole Tag Power Important note: Requesting = Death. If anyone requests Dark Storm DR, they will be blocked. No exceptions. Author: Shinryuu82 Tags: Mugen Fighting Video Game Jon Talbain Dark ...
Mugen: Jon Talbain (me) Vs Dark Storm (DR)
Keywords: Mugen Jon Talbain Dark Stalkers Dark Storm Added: Wed, 08 Aug 2007 15:25:12 GMT. Video codes to display this video on your website! <table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0><tr><td align=center><embed src="<div><embed ...
Mustkillroy MUGEN-Mania 47: Sonson vs Gallon
He's kind of like an MvC-style Jon Talbain. While he appears solid on the surface, he does have some... Author: Mustkillroy Keywords: Mustkillroy MUGEN Mania 47 Sonson Gallon RyouWin Rehap Jon Talbain Perfect Round Bark at the Moon ...
kamen rider mugen
mugen glitch 7 can you believe it?! already my 7th mugen glitch glitch with masked rider blade stage : peachcastle get john talbain from randomselect MUGEN!! The Smiths of Battle Recruitment Day 1 Archer(forgot to change his name back) ...
Mustkillroy MUGEN-Mania 67: Homer Simpson vs Anakaris
Anakaris is an extremely combo-friendly Darkstalkers character with crazy range, just like Jon Talbain, Felicia, and Lord Raptor, while Homer has the... Author: Mustkillroy Keywords: Mustkillroy MUGEN Mania 67 Homer Simpson Anakaris ...
Mustkillroy MUGEN-Mania 70: Homer Simpson vs Rikuo
Like Jon Talbain, Rikuo is extremely fast, has insane range, and has the ability to guard cancel. Also, his AI, which is fierce, activates almost immediately. Fighting him with Homer is like fighting a world-class... Author: Mustkillroy ...
Mugen Team Battle #4:Rematch with Team Crowbar (Mustkillroy)
... (Claymizer) Protoman (ChAoTiC) Team Crowbar (Mustkillroy): Tetsu Yatogi (XCalibreBlade) Jon Talbain (Splode) Match 2: Team Marc's Vigilante (marcilon... Author: marcilona Keywords: Mugen Game Marcilona Mustkillroy Team Battle ...
mugen character maker
... Open A sff In MCM how t open and see the sff´s files in the mugen character maker Mustkillroy MUGEN Initiation 1: Felicia (Double Match) Kamek has stepped down as president of Team Crowbar, relinquishing the position to Jon Talbain. ...
MJF:Red Riding Hood History Mugen Edition
The story of Red Riding Hood counted of a very special form in a mugen edition............................... Stuff: character: BBH JON TALBAIN stage:Caperruzita roja bosque Donwload im my web temporaly my original page dont work ...
Mustkillroy Team Battle 8: The Gang of Steel (Krimbe)
Rock is made by Warusaki3, so, once again, we all know what to expect: good AI. Juggernaut even has super armor. Krimbe... Author: Mustkillroy Keywords: Mustkillroy MUGEN Team Battle 8 Crowbar Gang of Steel Krimbe Jon Talbain Juggernaut ...
MUGEN:Infinty part 8: The Wolf and the cat.
Jon said before Felica, for no reason, suddenly swiped at him!"Ookkkaayy then, I was never one to back down from a fight anyways!" Jon growled as he went into his fighting stance. Author: JagwarKnight Keywords: Jon Talbain Felica MUGEN ...
Bulleta (me) vs Jon Talbain
He can be quite tough if you underestimate him but with patience and waiting for openings Jon Talbain can be easily punished. Author: Ampchu Keywords: bulleta baby bonnie hood bbh jon talbain darkstalkers vampire savior mugen ...
wolverine howling
Wolverine vs Gallon(Jon Talbain). Another match requested by NewUche1234 on behalf of the MUGEN Network. ... dark renagade vs Marv0 (perfect) m1. KIS Ranbat round 3 tournament dark renagade vs Marv0 (perfect) m1 The Renagade fans get a ...