Vegeta Mugen Char

kh1 and 2 cloud vs. vegeta and peter griffin

if you want any of these characters or stages, pm me with the email and character you want, otherwise ill ignore it. im kingdom hearts 1 clud, btw

p.s. vegeta sucks

Kurisu no MUGEN: JUMP! JoJo Vs. DBZ

It's Jump Ultimate Stars MUGEN style!

Dio Brando and Jotaro Kujo from JoJo's Bizzare Adventure take on Goku and Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z!

As for my choice of music..."Immortal Powers" from "Saiyuki: Return of Wukong" by none other than ReubenKee! I chose this one because Wukong is the name of the main character of "Journey to the West", which provided a good amount of inspiration for...

BS: all stars 78# creator battle

well now, it looks like two cheap creations are about to take on another pair of cheap characters! Kong's chibi Lei-lei and Cyberbot Jackal vs SuperMystery's Majin Vegeta and Master Fei-long!
who is the more cheaper team? is it super defencive or super offencive?
NOTES: an all AI battle.
BOTH of kong's characters at med level of AI, cause their hard AI are VERY broken...
I'm just taking...

MUGEN: Weezing and Popeye V.S. Haunter and SSJ4 Vegeta

A very mixed up mugen battle. If you want any of these characters post your email and I will send them to you.

Showcase: Most Retardedly Pointless Broken Character Ever?

Oh dear. Supermystery, the same EBIL bastard who created those horribly cheap Ultimate Battle 22 characters and harassed me with flames from his cowardly self and his rabidly retarded fanboys, just doesn't seem to quit. Now he comes out with this abomination that I never downloaded until a few days ago and when I saw it in action I just vomitted on my keyboard. The abomination is called...

Mugen:Neji vs Cs2 Sasuke

neji vs sasuke i take request's
(here is the chars i have)
char list
venom/venom ex
cs1 sasuke
future naruto
super mario
super lugi
cs2 sasuke
jss naruto
uchiha sasuke
uzumaki naruto
future sasuke
peter griffin
nh3 naruto
nh3 sasuke
homer simpson
third sharingan sasuke
shadow the hedgehog
sand ninja
crash bandicoot
rock lee

Trailer Dragon Ball AF Mugen Project

Il primo trailer ufficiale del videogioco mugen di dragon ball AF

nightmare broly char
mad: theres more to come in the future:thumbup: tomorrows character is: Nightmare SSJ3 Broly.Linkdownload mugen character baby vegeta... reviews download free YouTube Videos Clip Title - JS MUGEN Special Cheap MUGEN Characters Get 0WN3D ...
Mugen Roster from IronSniper333 v4
Goku (Dragon Ball Z) 55. Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z) 56. Gohan (Dragon Ball Z) 57. Yusuke (Yu Yu Hakusho) 58. Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho)) 59. Edward (Full Metal Alchemist) Characters I Need 1. Akane Tendo (Ranma 1/2) 2. Shampoo(Ranma 1/2) 3. ...
Anime Death Match Final Match
... Bleach Opening Theme 1 Bleach Opening Theme 2 Change The World "Inuyasha Opening Theme" Riot by Three Days Grace If Any one would like to suggest future matches the folllowing are characters ready to fight My Mugen Characters 1. ...
download mugen character baby vegeta
JS Mugen #15 Stageother game characters Free Roms and Emulators The place to download Roms and Emulators Download free video game video clips - previews reviews download free YouTube Videos Clip Title - JS MUGEN Special Cheap MUGEN ...
Kurisu no MUGEN: JUMP! JoJo Vs. DBZ
... of the main character of \'Journey to the West\', which provided a good amount of inspiration for... Author: KurisuBlaze Keywords: MUGEN Shonen Jump Superstars Ultimate Stars JoJo DBZ Dio Jotaro Goku Vegeta Added: August 29, 2007.
Name youranime MUGEN characters that you have.
kung fu man {of course}; supersayain 4 vegeta; itachi {crappy cartonnish style though}; goku; broli; naruto-kun; sasuke-kun. now if any of you want to know where to get the characters especally naruto and sasuke i'll be more the willing ...
Character, cast, and production information, as well as episode ...
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Mugen My Roster for Trading #2
Then, once u are there, go to the file called “big”. Now that u are there, there is a def file called system there. Copy it and go back to ur data file. Paste it and now look at ur mugen. There are 60 slots for ur mugen characters now! ...
If you like old school 2-D fighting games like Marvel Vs Capcom, MvC2, and Street Fighter, then you might want to check out Mugen. It's an open ended PC fighter, that allows you to download and install player made characters. ...
BS: all stars 6# Kong vs Supermystery
well now, it looks like two cheap creations are about to take on another pair of cheap characters! Kong's chibi Lei-lei and Cyberbot Jackal vs SuperMystery's Majin Vegeta and Master Fei-long! who is the more cheaper team? is it super ...
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The 10 biggest jerks in anime history
I know I've watched a bit of Samurai Champloo and Mugen really is an arrogant ass, ditto Il Palazzo, though I think he's more of a comedic character in Excel Saga...wouldn't really know since I've only watched like the first three or ...
MUGEN: Spongebob Squarepants (Me) And Homer Simpson vs Mario And ...
Characters (C) Nickeloedeon, Fox, Nintendo, Shonen Jump Background (C) Bikini Bottom Music (C) Goofy Goober Rock. Author: ASHAKI1 Keywords: MUGEN ashaki1 games engines Spongebob Squarepants Nickeloedeon Homer The Simpsons Vs Mario ...
Persos MUGEN Trunks: Vegeta:
My Gogeta ssj4 Presentation
this is a Short my gogeta ssj4 for mugen presentation. please rate and comment it:D. Author: Jrx1 Keywords: Mugen Gogeta ssj ssj4 ssj2 ssj3 dragon ball omega shenron hyper goku vegeta stadium character chars jrx naruto bleach ...
MUGEN Quickie: End of Mockery
I saw many chars want to rant prince vegeta, (and he believes that he just want to mock him alright, heh, What a very rude attitude.) but someone had to put an end of his mockery... you know who... Author: Garionfeld Keywords: MUGEN EFZ ...
Más Chars para el MUGEN
Ahora haré una Nueva Entrada para los Chars de MUGEN porque el anterior se fue en las profundidades del Tiempo. En todo caso, los otros Chars que he subido están en las Etiquetas, además que en el foro también voy poniendo los chars que ...