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philips wins 2007-08 eisa awards for hd lcdtv and home theater ... - Al-Bawaba

philips wins 2007-08 eisa awards for hd lcdtv and home theater ...
Al-Bawaba, Jordan - 21 hours ago
Philips has long been regarded as an innovator in audio-video, and the EISA Award for the HTS8100 DVD Home Theater system underlines Philips' commitment to ...
Brian Belo Wins Big Brother. Happy Now? - hecklerspray

Brian Belo Wins Big Brother. Happy Now?
hecklerspray, UK - 21 hours ago
But don't worry if you wanted Sam and Amanda to win Big Brother - they're both lined up to pose tit-to-tit on the cover of Nuts solidly for the next 10 ...
Egg on faces of Paramount, Dreamworks over Blu-ray - iTWire

Egg on faces of Paramount, Dreamworks over Blu-ray
iTWire, Australia - 6 hours ago
The studios can always return to the Blu-ray format if it prevails a couple of years down the track and if HD DVD somehow wins the war, Paramount and ...
Flat-panel glamour wins over shoppers at IFA - Bangkok Post

Flat-panel glamour wins over shoppers at IFA
Bangkok Post, Thailand - Aug 31, 2007
The product aims to replace today's DVD movie players. The excitement of glittering televisions and mobile communication devices is intended to awaken that ...
Bosom Buddies - The Second Season - DVD Talk

Bosom Buddies - The Second Season
DVD Talk, OR - 14 hours ago
It's been popular to discuss the career trajectory of Hanks versus Scolari, but for my money, before two Oscar wins and the mantle of "heavyweight, ...
Spongebob Squarepants - Season 5, Vol. 1 - DVD Talk

DVD Talk

Spongebob Squarepants - Season 5, Vol. 1
DVD Talk, OR - 5 hours ago
And they keep coming out on DVD. Nickelodeon has released the latest SpongeBob SquarePants offering on DVD - SpongeBob SquarePants: Season 5, ...
Sound Advice: Stepping up to HD DVD player worth the investment - Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Sound Advice: Stepping up to HD DVD player worth the investment
Pittsburgh Post Gazette, PA - Aug 31, 2007
At $299 retail the entry-level Toshiba HD-A2 HD DVD player is a good buy. Even if Blu-ray wins out over time you still can play the HD DVDs you already own ...
Tough Italian job - Times Online

Tough Italian job
Times Online, UK - Sep 1, 2007
To win the World Cup will effectively require seven wins, and that is well within the compass of this New Zealand team. On Saturday, they kick off their ...
HD DVD Wins Studio Exclusives - Twice (subscription)

HD DVD Wins Studio Exclusives
Twice (subscription), MA - Aug 20, 2007
By Greg Tarr -- TWICE, 8/20/2007 11:58:00 AM New York — The HD DVD format got a major shot in the arm Monday when Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks ...
HD DVD Wins a Battle in the War Against Blu-ray - Nintendojo

HD DVD Wins a Battle in the War Against Blu-ray
Nintendojo - Aug 20, 2007
Sony and Microsoft made the HD format war matter to gamers, and Sony's Blu-ray format gained ground in the past month, but HD DVD just got a boost from ...

DVD CONTEST WINNERS SIMPSONS 300 HOT FUZZ UNTOUCHABLES MOVIE. This is my video on giving away the first simpsons dvd in my simpsons contest. I also am announcing my first forum DVD winner from my Hot Fuzz dvd giveaway. I ended up giving away the untouchables. Come to my website and forums for a chance to win some great DVD's. Makesure ou stay tuned for all the latest movie reviews. I do...

Athens 2004 Volunteers DVD - PART 5: Men 100m Final

the men 100m Final, highlight of the night

Athens 2004 Volunteers DVD - PART 4: Xalkia

Fanny Xalkia nails the 400m and the crowd goes mad.

Design my office contest... win a prize worth $500-$1000

Alright, allyou interior designers and architects, design my office and if i pick your design you will win a professional dvd of your work as a sample to hand out to employers. this is a $500-$1000 value!

all the rules are stated in the video but feel free to break a few in order to make it better.

email questions to

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Naruto Geek Squad

Yeah....I was REALLY bored...and I had a couple free trials left on Win DVD, so I took some screenshots from my uncut box set. It's kinda stupid, but I hope you like it anyway^^

Free Jill Criscuolo Apple Ipod Give A Way/Sept 1, 2007

Jill Criscuolo of Destined Fate Entertainment tells how you can win a free Apple Ipod as her "Birthday" gift to the lucky winner, That's correct she is giving on her "Birthday" instead of receiving. So Good Luck

Mindless Self Indulgence 'Golden I'/'Our Pain Your Gain' DVD

upcoming MSI debut DVD, "Our Pain, Your Gain" in stores September 11th.
Want to win MSI concert tickets, your name in the next MSI CD, or much much more?
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Diggnation - HD DVD Wins
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Janelle Returns To BIG BROTHER!!
She hosts tonight’s veto competition. If you care to learn who wins tonight’s veto competition and what he or she does with the veto, (Daniele Donato leaves the nominations the same) kindly highlight the invisotext.
Even if HD-DVD were to "win" would Blu-Ray really go away?
I was thinking though, even if HD-DVD "wins", will Blu-ray really go away? This may have been suggested before. Sony has taken great pains to make sure that PS-One and Two games are, for the most, part playable on each subsequent ...
Lucky You Wins DVD
Lucky You (DVD) Curtis Hanson's latest drama goes to DVD.
Blu-ray wins storage companies
PowerFile Inc. has announced that it has added Blu-ray disk technology to the latest version of its Active Archive Appliance, part of an effort by the vendor to move beyond the limits of DVD in scaling the optical-based storage offering ...
Another Bollywood Review! Is KRRISH The Greatest Superhero Movie ...
In it, Hrithik plays an err, mentally challenged fellow who gets a giant brain-boost from a little blue rubber alien named Jadoo, and also wins the girl, a scientist played by the delicious Preity Zinta; the story was all over the place ...
Mr Bean's Holiday (UK HD DVD)
All is fixed when Mr Bean wins a holiday to France though and gets up to his usual specialty of having a unique take on every day things. All in all, if you like Mr Bean, you'll love this film, if you don't like Mr Bean, I'd steer clear ...
Exchange v. Network Part II: Adoption
The most frustrating outcome of this HD battle would be if neither party wins. Just like the good old “-R” vs “+R” days with burnable CDs, everyone will have to spend more to support both. Instead of making a million CD-R discs, ...
HD DVD wins facebook poll (Facebook account required). In a randomized sample of 1000 facebook users, 64% chose HD DVD over Bluray. Each age group and gender chose HD DVD.
If HD-DVD Wins, You Think Sony is Going to Release Movies?
Just want to see 1 format go up against Goliath (aka DVD standard discs). There's one thing that concerns me though if HD-DVD wins. That is, do you really believe Sony Pictures would ever release movies on the format they lost to? ...
HD DVD Wins a Battle
HD-DVD vs Bluray Just when you thought the HD DVD vs Blu-ray format war was over when p0rn sided with Blu-ray, HD DVD recently scored a major victory when both Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Animation announced that are exclusively ...
HD-DVD Wins Over Dreamworks and Paramount
But now an interesting plot twist: Paramount and Dreamworks both just declared that they will exclusively support HD-DVD. The HD-DVD camp appear to be trying to win the market based on cost. Their cheapest players are $200 cheaper than ...
Danny Boyle's got a new flick called SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE!!!
It's called SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE and it's about an illiterate street kid from Mumbai who wins the top prize on the Indian version of WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE? They've cast Dev Patel (from British TV show SKINS) as the kid and have a ...
HD DVD wins over Paramount and DreamWorks
If you are like me, you are looking for signs of how the high-definition disk wars will play out before plopping down some serious mullah for a unit and an investment in new disks that may become obsolete. Well,... Continue.
Apple TV wins the Blu-ray vs HD-DVD war
HD-DVD pays $150 million to ‘win the war’ against Blu-ray. Let us be the first to say that it’sa big waste of money. Not because HD-DVD might win, it’s because they are bidding and paying for an already obsolete technology. ...
HD Disk Wars: Mutual Assured Destruction
(ii) HD-DVD wins. (iii) Both co-exist for a long time. (iv) Both superseded in foreseeable future by Internet-based media delivery. If either (i) or (ii) happened anytime soon, the winner would clean up. But how likely is that? ...
Barcamp Contest: Win an HD-DVD
The Bourne Suprermacy I’m going to be giving a way an HD-DVD of The Bourne Supremacy at Barcamp on Saturday. To decide who wins it we are going to have a contest. It’s simple: make a video of your best Matt Damon impression, ...
Why the passion in this war?
I don't own any BR discs, but I've rented many through netflix, and I'm quite pleased with the PQ. I have a friend with a stand alone HD-DVD, and watching HD discs at his place is equally satisfying. I say, whoever wins, wins. ...
LG wins EISA Awards for combi Blu-ray HD DVD player
The most significant is for ‘European HD Player 2007-2008’, for its LG Super Blu BH100 combi-player, the world’s first HD deck compatible with video playback of both Blu-ray and HD DVD discs. The company also won trophies for ‘European ...
HD DVD Wins the Format War…On Facebook!
The latest Poll that facebook listed in my sidebar declares that HD DVD has beat Blu-Ray in the format war at 64% HD-DVD to 36% Blu-Ray. The responses though not necessarily scientific are interesting. I enjoyed looking at the breakdown ...