Ysaquerai Another Kyo Mugen

BradRy MUGEN CCI Kim(me) vs Another Kyo

CCI Kim by CCI IronMugen
Another Kyo by Mouser && Byakko

I needed a break from Megaman real quick.

Another Kyo isn't bad. I mean Ysaquerai uses him and is next to a god with him. Its just an edited Kyo though. Probably one of the few good edited Kyo's out there.

Another Kyo (AI-Ysaquerai_v3.4) VS Rivals from SNK+Capcom

- AI on Steroid -

This AI had went through 24 major revisions after his first initiation. Ysaquerai had been a great model for my AI, after re-watching many of his Kyo matches, I tried to implement all his combos ( both new and old ). One of his favorite combo I still haven't programed into this AI is his air combo... but that one has the least damage output, so I didn't bother =p.


Pinoy Mugen 100th video:JN MUGEN All-Stars:Team Ysaquerai

My 100th video & the 15th all-star battle. I will battle this time around will be Ysaquerai's team. Since the 1st time i met him & i make a character request but he didn't notice me in the first place. I wait for it in few days & he send me a message & he sdaid that what's my e-mail address & he said that he is not the person that didn't care about everybody else.The battle will take place...

MUGEN - Team Muigi01 VS Team Ysaquerai

Wowzers was this a hard fight. Not just because of Evil Kyo, but mainly because of Evil Ken's insane comboing AI. In order to make the fight more even, I had to reduce Evil Ken's attack power to 35. I felt it was more fair, since he still put up a great fight. This is probably my favorite team fight so far.

BTW, I'm almost at reaching my 100th video! Now I need a good idea for a celebrati...

Another Kyo(Me) vs Kyo 71113(AI)

Me at my best in the first round.

Ysaquerai, here I come! lol

PJ Mugen Team Battle 12: Ysaquerai (WTF! Edition)

My two-hundredth Mugen video. Yippee.

Talon's hardest AI makes its Team Battle debut! I take full advantage of his ability to charge power very quickly to spam my Kage Bunshin (Shadow Clone) no Jutsu to take down Another Kyo and Reu's Evil Ken.
Matches Shown:
Future Naruto (me) and Lord Sinistro's Talon (hardest AI) Vs. Another Kyo (default AI) and Reu's Evil Ken (FCUKING CHEESE AI) in...

PJ Mugen Team Battle 11: Ysaquerai (Normal Edition)

My hundred ninety-ninth Mugen video.

Representing Team Ysaquerai is Another Kyo by Byakko and Evil Ken by Reu. Every veteran Mugenite knows how tough all Reubenkee characters, including Evil Ken, are, but as for Another Kyo, his default AI doesn't combo much, but he's still tough. No one has the AI-Ysaquerai patch yet, even though wing0tip has permission from Byakko to release it. Oh,...

Shin Kaname (me) vs Another Kyo
... be my first and creator of team blue lightning and to do this I had him go against none other then Another/Evil Kyo I'm glad this wasn't Ysaquerai I wasn't fighting. Author: rebellioncry Keywords: mugen shin kaname another evil kyo ...